When you are a survivor of physical assault, there is a belief that you might never move on and get past the trauma. There are deep feelings of guilt and shame that are overwhelming for you to manage by yourself. There are times when you feel it is impossible for you to find any sort of healing or relief.

Being subjected to physical assault is one of the most terrible things that could happen to you. With the support of professional counselors and the love of your friends and family, it is possible for you to move forward, keep the awful past behind you and lead a meaningful life with group therapy. However, it does not mean that you stop living- there is help available to you.

Dr. Robert Turner is an experienced counselor for physical assault and a man of faith who goes to the church regularly. He volunteers for socio-civic work and regularly guides survivors of physical assault to help them come back to life normally.

Therapy for Physical Assault

When it comes to coming back to normal life after a physical assault, group therapy helps. According to him, it has the following benefits-

  1. Socialization– With group therapy, survivors get the chance to bond with people who have had similar experiences in the past. They will discover how to express themselves, talk with others and voice their individual opinions and sentiments in a safe environment.
  1. Sense of belongingness– When you join a support group for therapy, you will feel a sense of belongingness, as all of you have a common reason to be there. Other survivors of physical assault share instances from their own healing experience, and you can listen to them to see whether you feel the same and wish to heal like them. This therapy helps you to learn from others and develop a coping mechanism that is safe from harm or substance abuse. You can also learn self-care routines that help you to move on.
  1. Rebuild your trust– Obviously, you or any other person who is a victim of physical assault have trust issues. They are unable to trust other people, and this is where the safe environment factor works. When a safe avenue is given to the survivor, they are able to express their thoughts and fears easily. Moreover, when they interact with the other members of the group, the survivors are able to start trusting their loved ones again and find support in the home environment where they live.

According to Dr. Robert Turner, it is important for the survivor to get the space, time, and support needed for returning back to normal life. It does take a lot of effort and emotions to forget the past and move on as the scars remain. However, with group therapy, a good counselor, and the support of home, friends, and family, the task of returning to a regular life filled with meaning and love is possible- one just needs to trust themselves to move on!

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