October 5, 2022
clinical trials singapore

At first glance, clinical trials may seem like an evil spirit; it is a blessing in disguise. In clinical trials, human participants are observed for the effectiveness of a treatment method for a particular disease. Here we are going to discuss specific clinical trials singapore.

Clinical trials take place on a larger scale in Singapore. In 2021, out of 158 registered clinical trials, 146 were verified by the Health Sciences Authority. There are high statistics of clinical trials in Singapore.

clinical trials singapore

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of health trials

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New treatment invention of a new treatment- if the treatment is effective, the disease can be cured by this new method.

Check the effectiveness of a drug- the effectiveness of a drug to cure a disease can be monitored.

To find side effects- all the potential side effects of a drug can be checked.

Advancement in the medical field- clinical research helps discover new therapies and treatments which will lead to advancement in the medical field.

Treatment for a disease- first and foremost, researchers find the cure for a disease.

Cons of health trial

  1. Health risk- drugs can cause hazardous side effects.
  2. Treatment failure- the treatment might not be as effective as that of standard treatment.
  3. Patient me not receive treatment- In a clinical trial patient may not receive the treatment but just a placebo condition.
  4. Inconvenience to the patient- the patient must regularly visit the doctor for proper study.

Who participates in clinical trials?

Participants are the diseased person who agrees to take part in the trial. There is informed consent of the participant.

Payments for clinical research.

Patients do not have to pay for clinical research. The government or any private organization either funds these clinical researches.

Phases of clinical trial

Generally, there are five phases of a clinical trial-

  • In the 1st phase, drugs are given in fewer amounts to check if it is harmful.
  • In the 2nd phase, researchers try to find out the side effects of the drug.
  • In the 3rd phase, more findings of side effects are carried out, and the effectiveness of treatment is also monitored.
  • In the 4th phase, a new treatment is compared with the standard treatment.
  • In the 5th phase, long-term benefits and the potential side effects are investigated.


You have seen the medical trial’s meaning, benefits, and risks. Now you are informed enough to make an informed decision.

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