December 3, 2022
Online Ordering System

Before the appearance of the online ordering system software, the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry works mainly on phone orders and in-store. The most convenient way to reach restaurants and local stores are to order through your phone. You only need to wait for your order to be delivered straight to your door. Online ordering food apps are a great help to keep your business sales high and function as advertising strategies. For those who want to know about the F&B ordering system,  Click here to learn more about F&B ordering system in Singapore.

F&B ordering system

Know what is an F&B ordering system

            An online food ordering system has two components. An app or website that lets customers sight the menu and place an order. And an admin interface that lets the restaurant get and meet customer orders. They’re the programs that take actual orders, forecasts, order quantities, and safety stock, and switch them into production orders or purchase orders.

With the growth in demand for online ordering, especially these days, this food ordering system is now becoming vital for F&B businesses. Customers only need to enter the provided link to access the online menu or scan the QR code. Upon making their menu choices, the customer gives in their order and pays using their chosen payment method. You can wait after your food to be delivered to your place.

 Discover Singapore’s best online food ordering system


  • Ninja OS Enterprise
  • F&B restaurants and shops that want to do away with the third-party software can also check out another venue. This is an all-in-one ordering system in Singapore and provides you full control over the customers’ ordering insights, experience, and analysis. Enterprise is a fully customizable answer that offers your restaurant ordering app.
  • FoodChow
  • FoodChow aids customers find the best cafes, restaurants, bars, and other businesses nearby. The goal is to support business owners to be seen by their customers. Partners on the platform can handle their order status conveniently.
  • Ninja OS Pro
  • Ninja OS provides some of the most structured online ordering platforms. This is ideal for small F&B businesses like fast-casual restaurants, cafes, or hawker stalls. They have a friendly user menu to navigate, convenient cashless payment options, inherent interface. A great platform to improve brand visibility and broaden more customers.
  • Octal
  • Octal creates a custom-made app for your restaurant. It provides owners complete visibility through the restaurant panels and admin. Customers are offered an instinctive user experience.
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