If you have not yet experienced Mazda’s latest effort to save the internal combustion engine in its vehicle, then it is already high time, you do. You will find this latest green effort from Mazda simply amazing, where you drive a gasoline engine but get the fuel efficiency of a diesel car.

It is all about Mazda’s newly re-engineered SkyActiv-X technology. The recently improved SkyActiv engine of Mazda enables a 2.0-liter engine of four cylinders with a tiny supercharger to optimize the usage of the air that enters into the gas cylinder. That is how it maximizes the power of a gasoline engine and chases a higher rate of fuel efficiency, appraised a technical expert at the Mazda Corona dealership.

What is Mazda’s SkyActiv-X Technology All About?

Mazda has invented the SkyActiv-X engine with astonishingly complex engineering. Through the invention of its SkyActiv-X technology, Mazda has reached a level of achievement that even other brands would wish to pursue. No doubt, this discovery in the automobile industry brought incremental benefits to the real world and its environment.

To put it in simple words, Mazda’s SkyActiv technology brings the first engine in the automotive world that despite being fuelled by gasoline works like a diesel, most of the time. Hence, it is a successful attempt of Mazda to bring the best of both worlds, under the same bonnet. Mazda affixes the letter “X” to its SkyActiv technology meaning it is a crossover of two separate technologies working for the benefits of the environment.

Mazda Corona

What Has Improved By Now?

Mazda gets all its SkyActiv-G versions with a 2.0l and a 2.5l engine to get all the salient performance figures like delivering an output of 132kW/224Nm in comparison to the earlier 114kW/200Nm and the 139kW/252Nm, we have seen in earlier models of Mazda. Therefore, it is the overall fuel economy rating that Mazda has improved, nearly by 10 percent than the same capacity of the 2.5l version of the SkyActiv-G engines.

Currently, the new SkyActiv- X-engine only powers the top trim models of the 2022 Mazda3 Takami model, where the system also adds higher-quality leather upholstery, in the cabins, where pairs of gloss-black alloy wheels enhance the sporty look of the car. Apart from these, Mazda also equips the three series models with a couple of frameless rear-vision mirrors, a heated steering wheel, as well as a 360-degree parking camera.

Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X engine stays in its latest products as a part of the package. The effects of this engine spread wider, ushering in a long-term picture in the upcoming years, where even other automotive brands might imbibe this technology to stay afloat in the sleazy competition. From the buyer’s end, one can invest in a Mazda car right now, just to taste the benefits of this amazing technology, where they can enjoy the performance level of a powerful gasoline engine, but would not face the need to stop at the pump stations so often, explained the technical expert at the Corona Mazda dealership.

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