Service Learning is an educational technique in which a student learns ideas in the classroom. Students work with an organization and participate in analysis sessions to increase their knowledge of what they are learning. Patience and generosity are learned, practiced, and integrated into many foreign schools in Singapore through service-learning programs and community work initiatives . Continue reading to learn about service learning singapore.


What Is The Main Purpose Of Service Learning In Education?


  • Learning: Service-learning satisfies a school improvement requirement that is often ignored. While most initiatives to enhance education focus on financial, political, or administrative solutions, service-learning is based on a thorough understanding of education, taking advice from how cognition and learning occur. Service-learning is based on the idea that knowledge is received by the student via direct engagement with the environment, rather than being passed down from teacher to learner.


  • Critical Thinking: Students learn to reflect on their experiences and build essential skills through service learning. They learn the ability to connect various components of experience in meaningful ways, evaluate data for patterns and deeper significance, and make assessments and judgments.
  • Real-world Issues: The development of problem-solving skills is enhanced by encouraging children to think out of the box through service learning singapore. Students are presented with concerns and situations that are difficult to define or solve in service learning.Service Learning Singapore

Different Schools Which Offer Service Learning In Singapore


  • Tanglin Trust School: Tanglin develops a feeling of service in children as young as three years old, teaching them about local and global challenges and how they can all help. There are several chances for meaningful participation in the local community and beyond. There are various charities and programs by the senior school.


  • International Community School: International Community School is on a foundation of service; it is an essential component in education. Service-learning is effective for elementary school kids to recognize others’ contributions and express gratitude through service acts to high school students assigned with larger community projects and handle real-world issues.


  • Singapore American School: Students at Singapore American schools can participate in a variety of community and school-based service projects. Many student-led initiatives have functioned across time, and new ones are regularly emerging in response to local and global needs. Students are allowed to make a positive influence in their communities. They build a commitment to becoming responsible global citizens from a young age.
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