December 3, 2022
strengthen the hair

Supplements are useful when they are used to compensate for a diet that is too restrictive or not very varied. In some cases they allow to compensate for a synthesizing defect on the part of the organism. If it is not possible to improve your diet by integrating it with foods that provide all the substances your hair needs to grow healthily, supplements can prove useful not only as hair restorers , but also for the purpose of preventing hair loss. .

Since there are various types of supplements each with specific functions in response to specific deficiencies, the choice of the most suitable products for your hair must be made under medical advice or other qualified figuresĀ Thinking you may need hair loss treatment in Singapore? Click here!

hair treatments

Massaging the scalp strengthens the hair

The main benefit of hair massages is to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp responsible for bringing nourishment to the hair bulbs. In this way the hair is strengthened because it receives more nourishment . Since massages have the parallel effect of stimulating the sebaceous glands and the production of sebum, in cases of seborrhea it should be practiced for no more than a few minutes a day. Other benefits of massage are:

lubricate dry skin;

relieve the itching sensation;

relax the cranial muscles.

Natural remedies to strengthen hair

It is always worth repeating how bad it is to overdo cosmetic hair treatments . In the trichological centers there are many people with particularly weak and brittle hair , damaged by dyes, perms, streaks and repeated straightening. The straightener, in particular, seems to cause considerable damage to the capillary fibers and to the structure of the hair.

These aggressive treatments should be avoided especially by those with fine and brittle hair or prone to breaking. When the damage has been done to strengthen the hair, treatments such as:

compresses with vegetable oil to strengthen the hair: to be applied with a massage on the whole skin before shampooing; thanks to its properties, the oil is an excellent ally to help grow healthy hair;

compresses with honey: this ingredient contains antioxidant and phytonutrient enzymes , as well as antibacterial properties; (with honey, oil, egg yolk, etc.);

egg packs: thanks to the “good” fats it contains, the egg nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. The yolk is normally used for dry hair, while the egg white for greasy ones.

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