August 16, 2022
Take anxiety treatment Singapore In An Easy Way

Anxiety is becoming a very common disorder in many people irrespective of the age group. It is seen as the most commonly dealt with problem by the majority of the population. Worries are flooded in everyone’s lives. However, when the magnitude of worries goes beyond a point, it begins to affect the mental health of an individual. Hence, anxiety can be defined as a mixture of feelings comprising tension, stress, nervousness and worries. anxiety treatment singapore is widely established to offer help to those struggling through online. Programmes like alliance counselling offer an online portal to avail of their services, there are many more such programmes offering help too.

When does anxiety turn into trouble?

When their fear of something or anxious feeling doesn’t go away for quite a long period of time, rather it keeps getting worse over and over. When people are constantly invaded by unsolicited thoughts or concerns. Some even develop tremors, panic attacks, sweating or palpitations.

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When does one develop anxiety?

 When the stakes weigh heavier than the performance then anxiety sets in.

When an individual is uncertain about the consequences of an activity, which causes them to constantly fear the outcome.

Types of anxiety

Panic disorder – It may occur on a repeated basis and makes the individual feel similar to that having a heart attack. Its occurrence needn’t be accounted to any particular reason too.

Different Phobias such as social phobia – This is considered to be a higher grade of anxiety as individuals with this type tend to fear even the thought of socialising.

Generalised Anxiety disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Post-traumatic disorder

However, panic disorder is the most commonly encountered type of anxiety of all.

Anxiety in Singapore

According to statistical reports released by various research, it is proven that Singapore is comparatively a less prevalent region for anxiety. Singapore is way off the shore of anxiety when compared to the United States.


The most important factor to consider as far as anxiety is concerned is, knowing when to seek help. When it begins to intervene and impede your daily activities. When anxiety turns disruptive, you need to consult a doctor for help. How to seek help will be the next question popping up. Thanks to the evolving technology and development in our healthcare system, there are many methods in which anxiety can be dealt with.

First and foremost is seeking professional help which is psychological counselling or consulting a psychiatrist.

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