December 3, 2022

Victims of abuse need healing and love. The past for them is traumatic and often stops their individual growth as humans. Mediation and counseling processes have played a vital role in healing people. However, the presence of a guru or a mentor helps victims to shake off the past and become better and stronger individuals. This positive transformation helps them march towards authenticity, freedom, and happiness.

Teal Swan on a mission to heal the world

Teal Swan is a celebrated spiritual teacher, the author of six international published books, an artist of more than 150 frequency paintings, and a motivational speaker. She was born in New Mexico, in 1984. She has had extrasensory abilities since birth. She suffered abuse during her childhood and uses her past experiences to heal people.

Understanding how the universe works

She believes that without this suffering and abuse she experienced, she would not have discovered how the universe works entirely. She would have been just another teacher with esoteric knowledge of the universe. Thanks to her experience, she reaches out to people better. Without the suffering and abuse she faced as a child, it would have been impossible for her to heal others.

She would never have had a real grasp on life and suffering. Her suffering has made her different to understand the entire picture and change what she teaches and how she does so.

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The truth often hurts

She is recommended for people who want to know the truth, even if it is painful. She reflects facts about the world, universe, and humanity people perceive as positive. As a healer, she can give you insight into both the physical and the non-physical realities of human existence. Besides the above, she gives you an insight into facts people do not want to own, integrate or even accept.

You can see reality when you accept the truth. The new awareness you get helps you to improve as a person. Taking both the physical and non-physical aspects of a situation becomes more accessible, and you can make better decisions in life.

Two groups of spirituality and self-help

Spirituality comes under two camps- the first group practices spirituality to get relief and comfort, whereas the second group practices it for self-awareness and awakening.

Making changes after knowing the truth

When you examine the first group closely, you find they practice self-help to feel good. People belonging to the second camp have the desire to know the truth. They are aware this truth will help them make adjustments in their lives to feel better. Followers are keen to see the truth even though it might be uncomfortable. It is like the red or blue pill in the movie “Matrix,” she adds.

Teal Swan helps her followers deal with reality and the truth. She offers free guided meditation tools on her site and other valuable resources to accelerate the self-development process through healing. Besides the Internet, she hosts a popular series on YouTube called “Ask Teal” to connect and reach out to her followers regularly.

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