August 16, 2022

If the human body were a computer, the eyes would be its input ports. The look is a sensory organ. It provides a sense of vision to humans. The data collected by the eyes are stored in the brain in memories. The brain uses this memory-based data to analyze the real-time image and determine its properties. The eyelid is a layer of skin just over the eye, covering the eye to protect it. Eyelashes are the strands of hair that naturally grow on the vision’s edges. They perform the crucial function of protecting the eye from dirt & dust particles, sweat, and other harmful elements present in the air. Besides performing this essential function, eyelashes also enhance the aesthetic appeal of one’s eyes.


They are made up of a tough protein called keratin produced naturally by the human body. The microscopic structure of eyelashes resembles the form of the hairs found on hands. Some medical conditions cause the deficiency of proper or any eyelashes in people. Eyelash extension is used as the most successful method for treating this condition. People also opt for this treatment as a cosmetic approach. The eyelash extension process enhances the natural look of the eye and gives them an instantly attractive appeal. However, improper care of extended eyelashes may lead to less durability and cause damage to the extended strands. Eyelash extension tips and tricks are preferred to avoid such issues.

Eyelash extension tips and tricks 

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is a cosmetic procedure involving attaching synthetic hair strands to the naturally present eyelashes. Synthetic hair is made from semi-permanent fibers that range from silk, human hair, horsehair, etc. The process of extension is an elaborate process in which each strand of synthetic hair is attached to an individual natural lash using a glue semi-permanent in nature. This process significantly improves the look of eyes providing luster, fullness, curl to the natural eyelashes.

Tips And Tricks

Eyelash extension tips and tricks are a set of rules that ensure that extended eyelashes remain as new as original and increase durability. Some of the tips and tricks are discussed below:

  • Avoid frequent close contact of eyelashes with water and its vapor.
  • Avoid the application of oil-based products to the extended lashes.
  • Cleaning the lash extensions every once in a while ensures their durability and functionality.
  • Ensure not to use oil-based cosmetic products such as eyeliner, mascara, eye makeup remover, and so on.


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