August 16, 2022
The Best Nail Fungus Treatment Methods Available

Nail fungus is clinically known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium and many changes in the nails are considered to be this condition. It is not necessary that everything you look at has to be a nail fungus. But knowing nail fungus treatment is important to know since it can be contagious or related to poor hygiene alone.

Here are some things that will help with the fungal treatment while you search for tips that let you know how to avoid getting them in the future. It is contagious, so it is best to start the treatment immediately if the diagnosis is done.

Penlac or Ciclopirox

5% solution of ciclopirox is the best form of treatment for toenail fungus. This medical nail lacquer treats the toenail fungus without involving the white portion of the nail, known as lunula. These are only present in people who have a good immune system. So make sure to check for this before applying for the medicine. Get recommendations for improving your immunity while you are at it as well.

nail fungus treatment

It gets rid of 22% of the fungus at each application if the nails are left undisturbed after the application of the medicine. It is only applied once every day to get the best result.

Amorolfine Solution

It is also found in research and recent studies that the anti-fungal lacquer that contains amorolfine prevents reinfection as well. it also works in curing, but only has a success rate of 70%. It is much lesser than Penlac, but this is also important for the prevention of the fungus from returning.

Unfortunately, if you belong to the USA, then this medicine will be unavailable until further notice from the drugs and medicines department. There is nothing to worry about in the other countries. The antifungal ointment suggested by your doctors will also have a small percentage of this in their composition.


Efinaconazole is also a medication that was approved in 2014 for the treatment of fungus in toenails. This is also applied to the skin and acts as an antifungal treatment method. It acts against the two most important fungal species that cause this condition. The names that come into the light are trichophyton rubrum and trichophyton mentagrohytes.

The names themselves sound dangerous, and these fungi are also equally dangerous once they start building up in your toenails. The treatment will be for 48 weeks with daily once application. Pain and dermatitis are common side effects of this medication.

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