December 3, 2022

Over time, your hair style can begin to feel stale and worn out, as if it no longer reflects your personality or new lifestyle choices. If you want to freshen up your look but don’t know where to start, take inspiration from these top San Antonio haircuts that will give you a trendy new look that’s tailored to your needs and sense of style.

1) Long hair

Long hair is a classic style that you can always switch up by changing your part, adding extensions, or styling it differently. It can be sleek and straight or wavy and full of volume. If you’re looking for a new look without a drastic change, long hair might be the perfect hairstyle for you.

2) Short hair

If you’re looking for a change and don’t want to cut your hair all the way off, there are plenty of San Antonio haircuts that will still give your look some more pizzazz. Here are short hairstyles from our barbers that will freshen up your look:

– A Mohawk: Want a haircut that screams badass? Go with this spiked style. It’s not just edgy, it can be styled down into something casual as well.

– Messy top knot: The idea here is to make it look like you spent hours styling your hair when really it took seconds and didn’t cost a dime.

Haircut and Blow-Dry - Total Hair Fitness | Groupon

3) Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is a classic cut that looks great on anyone. It can be styled straight, wavy or curly for a different look every time. A haircut like this can frame your face and make it appear slimmer. It will also add volume to fine hair and balance out thick locks.

4) Quirky Hairstyle

As you may have guessed, the Quirky Hairstyle is not one of the five top haircuts mentioned above. It’s a popular style that’s been around for a while now and it consists of long hair styled with an undercut on one side and a combover on the other.

5) Unconventional Hairstyle

The undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles on the market. It’s a low-maintenance haircut that looks great with any hair type, length, and style. It can be worn as a short or long cut. If you’re interested in this cut but aren’t sure if it will look good on your face shape, head to the barbershop for a consultation.

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