October 4, 2022
WPC decking

People are becoming more aware of creating a peaceful and attractive home space. In contrast to stylish interiors, outdoor areas need a solid foundation upon which additional components may be put.

This is true even though the furniture in such spaces can be quickly updated. Adorning one’s outdoor area not only improves the value of one’s home but also gives it a unique personality. A deck project might be made more difficult because the typical choice of solid wood decking needs more frequent attention and upkeep. It introduces wpc decking, or wood plastic composite decking, also known as a wood-plastic composite. Decking made of composite materials is an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decking.

Why choose tulouwpc composite decking?

At Tulou, we are committed to removing the most prevalent issues connected with natural solid lumber and other substandard composite timber products. Our decking solutions result from intensive study and development, from rot and decay to splintering and extreme discoloration. Tulou WPC decking has been developed to address difficulties like mildew development and warping and eliminate the aforementioned natural wood faults. You may choose various decking options, whether you’re remodeling your balcony or building a new commercial facility that needs decking near a pool area. We provide a variety of wood alternatives, including Capped Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

wpc decking

The WPC decking is covered by a cap

Regarding stain-resistant decking, Capped Wood Plastic Composite (CWPC) is a standout choice in the marketplace. You won’t have to worry about rotting, decomposing, splintering, severe discoloration, termite infestation, mildew development, or sliding incidents if you embody the idea of “less labor, more life.” With this wood selection, you can enjoy all the benefits of our decks without dealing with the time and effort of regular upkeep.

For WPC decking, contact tulou

Tulou’s collection of composite wood products, such as the WPC composite decking that is suited for outdoor use, will effectively meet all of your outdoor decking demands. Contact us for a free consultation to see everything our comprehensive industry-leading research and technology can offer.


More and more people realize the value of establishing a tranquil and visually appealing area in their homes. A robust foundation is essential for outdoor spaces instead of the more aesthetically pleasing interiors. Even though the furnishings in these areas may be easily replaced, this is the case. In addition to increasing the value of one’s property, decorating one’s outside space provides a distinct style of its own. The conventional option of solid wood decking needs more regular care and maintenance, making a deck project more complex.

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