The Trend Of App Development In 2020

The advent of mobile technology created a big difference in the business economy. The customers these days are constantly on the move. Nowadays, people become extremely tech-savvy and thinking about using Smartphones. Smartphones turned out as a necessity, especially in business. It starts from ticket booking to hotel booking, paying utility bills, booking a cab, shopping, and even banking is available at the fingertips in the courtesy of app development hong kong. With all of these advantages, people have started to understand and realized the benefits of using apps. For this 2020, it is a year with action-packed mobile development companies. The trend is expected to extend and even more updated in the year onwards.

The trends of mobile app development

With all the app development systems, these are used mainly by many businesses today. These are the effective tools for managing the business from adopting mobile development:

  • IoT Solutions. The iot solution hong kong allows businesses to easily take advantage of the IoT benefits. It is a secure, robust, and powerful grid of connected devices, infrastructure, and buildings. It provides transparent and accessible data from, the edge of the network. With this, the companies gain insights into new revenue sources and operational efficiencies.
  • Hybrid technologies app. It is likely the same as any other mobile application, which you will find in your mobile play store. This app is likely the same as some other cool apps which have built-in with different web technologies, namely:
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

These built-in technologies are used for playing games or connect to social media, schedule tasks, take photos, track the health, and many more. These applications help to access various in-built capabilities like contact lost, messages, gallery, and etc.

Trend Of App Development In 2020

  • Enterprise apps. This is a business application that helps the business in solving enterprise-related issues. Here are common examples of these apps:
  • Automated billing system
  • Content management
  • Email marketing system
  • Payment process
  • HR management
  • ERP
  • Collaboration system
  • Messaging and etc.

Mobile application development businesses these days are moving on to cloud computing – the latest trend in an enterprise app development. The internet-based computing or cloud services are directly delivered to the devices and computers online.

  • Mobile messaging app. The traditional form of texting or sending messages has been replaced with mobile messaging app development. It is simple and easy to use, such as the following:
  • Hike
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber

These apps don’t offer free messaging, yet allows video calling, voice calling, and  file-sharing.

  • Mobile payment app. The trend of the latest digital wallets is a product of mobile app development. Today, people are making cash payments instead of doing at the store counter. Also, to swipe credit cards has been gradually replaced with using the Smartphones by waving, tapping, or shaking the device to the machine. The payment will be automatically made.

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