There are things only dogs can understand. When it comes to these precious creatures, all they provide is love and happiness. With what they have shown to their humans, humans also must do the right thing. And with this, they have to make sure that their dearest furry best friends are always safe.

When talking about safety, your dog needs to have a collar and a leash. Walking him outside is certainly his joyous activity. But there are already lots of things being said about how unsafe doggy leashes are. With this concern, it is best to shift to a dog harness. These harnesses look attractive and they make your furry best friend look adorable as well. But there are things which you must understand before buying it. To help you with that, better check out this article.

Pet Harness Being Defined

Harnesses are usually worn in conjunction with a collar. It is also directed to be an alternative for leash attachment. Though there are those which are styled like the letter H, there are also those harnesses which look like clothes. The equipment acquires a variety of designs and uses are in differences as well. It is usually utilized to assist a disabled person or to haul a cart. Another thing is, a harness is a material which allows a man to pull his pet dog without hurting the adorable creature. 

The Right Harness to Choose for Your Dearest Furry Pal

Because of how collars hurt dogs when wearing it, this is when harnesses can take the place. But before buying one, it is important to be knowledgeable about what you are getting here since the equipment is of various kinds.

o   Determine why you need to have the harness.

Before purchasing this equipment, it is important to know what it will be used for. You have to understand that harnesses are in different styles and not all of them are designed only for walking. There are those which are used to assist senior dog’s mobility, for training purposes, and even for traveling.

o   Know the type of harness that your dog feels comfortable of.

There are different types of harnesses and it is vital to understand how each of these types work. Here are some of them:

  • Standard Harness

Standard harnesses are those which are commonly used. This type provides the leash’s force against the dog’s back and chest. This is typically used among small dogs.

  • No-pull Harness

This type of harness tightens a bit whenever your dog pulls it. But there is nothing to worry about here as the force is only felt on the armpits and not on the neck.

o   Check out size and fit.

It is vital to check out the right size and fitting of the harness. You need to provide your pup with an equipment that is comfortable. To help you with this, it’s best to use a measuring tape for the exact measurement. Start measuring from the broadest part of his chest down to his neck. It is also essential to weigh your furry pup as harnesses commonly use the dog’s weight to easily determine his right size.

Final Thought

A dog harness is comfortable. It prevents your pet from getting hurt. Also, it allows you better control, especially when your pup is huge. When it comes to buying it, being definite with your dog’s size and weight makes choosing easier. Additionally, you have to be keen on finding a good quality harness.

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