Planning on taking your chances in the Big Apple?

Sometimes, well… most of the time, location greatly affects the way we do business, as well as how well the business does. Take a look and compare two similar businesses who essentially have the same services or products but are located in different places. One is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the big city and one is located in a quaint little town, sure they might be doing well, respectively. But it all depends on how you look at “doing well”.

Another thing to consider when putting up a business is the taxes. Sole proprietorship usually has the most taxes as well as liabilities compared to let’s say a partnership or corporation. One way to lessen liabilities is by listing your company as an LLC or a Limited Liability Company which means your businesses liabilities are only strictly business and doesn’t involve any of your personal assets. Put proper location and LLC together and you have a recipe for a successful business… unless you’re in New York. They have a state law that requires all new LLC businesses to publish a notice of their business (along with the necessary requirements) in two newspapers for a duration of… get ready for it… 6 weeks. This would amount to a lot of expenses for you even before your business can operate fully. This aspect can prove to be a real pain if you try to do it alone, one way to lessen the hassle and expenses is by availing of the services offered by Windsor. If you want to learn more, head on down to to further enlighten yourself.

These state laws may prove to be a bit of a problem

New York has a law that requires all new LLC businesses to publish a notice of their business in at least 2 newspapers that will span up to six weeks. Aside from this, county clerks have specified only a few newspapers that can publish the said notices. This means that these publishers can charge you a hefty fee for the notice, now multiply that by six weeks. It’s sort of a huge expense for your business for you to be able to start or continue.

Why do they do this?

There are a lot of reasons why New York has this law. One of which might probably be due to the fact that New York is a very congested place to begin with. They might have implemented the law in order to regulate the businesses that are popping up everywhere. This is why most LLCs try to avoid setting up shop in the Big Apple if possible.

Windsor to the rescue

This is where Windsor comes in. Since most likely you are fairly new to New York and might have little to no knowledge about their state laws or policies, Windsor will be with you every step of the way to process the needed requirements for your business to function. From looking for the right publishers to giving you volume discounts, Windsor will be your helping hand.

If there is no changing your mind about setting up shop in New York, Windsor will be your wingman and will help you with all the processing you need for your business.



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