If you are looking for a permanent muscle gain for women, then you must try Anavar, might be perfect for you! Anavar is for mild muscle gains, which is perfect for women because it’s ugly for women to look too bulky, right? It’s not that attractive for most people. Plus, the risks are less too compared to risks that you are facing if you’re a woman and taking stronger anabolic steroids.

Many women who love to work out are becoming obsessed with gaining a little muscle in order to show others how fit they are. It’s a big boost in a woman’s self-confidence and may inspire their girlfriends to work out too. The steroids also work well if you take your work out seriously and religiously especially if it’s your first time, in order to make sure that the gains will also appear.

What are the important benefits of Anavar?

Smaller muscle gains are a big WIN for women who want to look fit, trim and strong. This is perfect for girls compared to other steroids because they are a lot stronger compared to Anavar which is milder. For most female athletes, they also take this because it’s perfect for retaining agility which is important if you’re into sports. It is a perfect combination since it won’t make you too bulky, but at the same time give you the strength that you need while in practice. Anavar can also improve your muscle stamina especially if you’re the kind of woman who loves to work out which makes your muscles weak in extended periods of time.  Lastly, Anavar improves cardiovascular endurance, and this is the benefit that you need especially as you get older. This is why the American Heart Association recommends that people get about 7 sessions of cardio exercise per week, with each session lasting about 30 minutes.

How about the dreaded Side Effects?

First of all, it is poisonous for your liver. While its liver toxicity may not be as bad as some other steroids, it’s still bad for your liver. Not even the most vociferous supporter of Anavar will deny this, which is why you need to limit your use of it to provide some relief for your liver. It will also mess with your cholesterol, it may increase your levels of bad cholesterol and at the same time lower your good cholesterol levels. You can also get some of the side effects common to all steroids. These will include oily skin, severe acne, and hair loss. Again, if the point of using Anavar is to look better, then these side effects are counterproductive. You can also have deeper vocal chords. Your voice will become deeper and you’ll sound more like a man. Imagine having the face of Barbie but having the voice of Darth Vader! Your clitoris may enlarge that can even get to the size of a small penis. You can also have Facial structure changes that can happen if you take Anavar for a really long time. Your forehead and jaw areas can subtly change so you look more like a man.

Yikes!!! Any alternatives?

You can now benefit from Anavar without the side effects, by taking a modern supplement that’s based on Anavar. Called Anvarol, it offers all the benefits of Anavar without exception. Anvarol promotes some muscle build up, protects your muscles when you diet, helps you lose weight, and also boosts your athletic performance.

At the same time, there is no side effect to worry about. It is totally safe. And because of this, it is also completely legal. You can buy Anvarol openly, and of course, it is far more affordable. It’s a lot better than Anavar, right?

One reason why you need to make sure that you are taking the right amount of steroids is that you have to make sure that you’re not risking your health. It is important that a woman will understand all the “what ifs” and turn them into “why not’s” but with proper precautions and knowledge.

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