In today’s day and age, Sylvester Stallone is a household name when it comes to action movies. He portrayed iconic characters such as Rocky Balboa from the “Rocky” franchise and Rambo, the ex-military man with a body count probably undefeated in the movie realm.

Using of HGH in body building is nothing new, so what’s the connection between Stalone and HGH you ask? He was recently convicted of bringing Jintropin into AustraliaThe actor, aged 61, recently admitted to using HGH with testosterone in preparation for his last Rambo movie (Rambo IV),

Why was he convicted?

Stallone claimed that he was transporting the vials into Australia since he was going to be in Thailand filming the movie for quite a few months. The drug is considered to be a performance enhancing drug in Australia so it was illegal to import without certain documents and permit.

The FDA considers synthetic HGH as a controlled substance and is a prescription-only drug administered by doctors.

In one article, it was stated that Stallone was caught smuggling approximately 48 vials of the said substance into Australia and was ordered to pay a hefty fine of over $10,000 for court costs and other fines. A small amount for the action star, but still this led to more articles surfacing regarding his use of HGH.

Why did he need to use them anyway?

While not exactly an anabolic steroid, HGH behaves as one. When an adult takes an injection of the substance, he or she may acquire a slight increase in muscle mass and reduction of body fat.

In a certain interview, Stallone stated that the HGH issue was just “misunderstood” and probably blown out of proportion. He also stated that he put in a lot of hard work into getting the shape he was in required in the movie and that the reason why he was using HGH was for his body to recuperate, rejuvenate and also to reduce wear and tear for the rigorous shoot he was to perform.

He went on to state that while the effects of the substance could benefit his on-screen appearance, it would have done little to enhance his physiological and physical performance since natural HGH is known to decline as we age. By the time people are in their 60s, the levels produced have significantly dropped to up to 40% of what they formerly were at half that age.

So what is the big fuss about Sylvester Stalone using synthetic HGH? Well, he is an international figure, well-known for his portrayals of Rambo and Rocky. He is the world renowned action star, adored and idolized by many including today’s youth. His actions can make a big impression on what the youth that looks up to him will become. The concern is that someone as big and famous as Stallone might be painting the wrong picture about synthetic HGH in regards to its usage and not only that, but his actions as to smuggling it in a country where it is considered illegal and that might affect the people especially the younger generation who look up to him.

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