Anabolic drugs have been successfully used by bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters, and athletes for cutting, bulking phases, weight loss and gaining muscle mass. But some people want to increase body strength by maintaining the same weight. The strength enhancing drugs give results in both bulking and cutting cycle, whereas everything depends on the diet, routine workout and other anabolic drugs are being mixed up with. Anabolic supplements are commonly available in oral and injectable forms. Let us discuss here the steroids that increase strength and endurance.


Anavar is a great strength enhancer which put the users in lean muscle mass. Anavar triggers creatine phosphate synthesis in muscle cells thus increases body strength. It is recommended for the users who want to stay lean with increased strength and endurance. Since this mild anabolic drug does not aromatize, water retention will not occur through Anavar. As Var possesses low to nil androgenic effects, it has been very popular among women. Even so, when the dose is exceeded then the recommended, some side effects would be experienced.


Testosterone is the base of each anabolic cycle. It is the most popular drug and fits for all purposes say cutting, bulking or increasing strength. This anabolic steroid has three main esters say Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and Testosterone propionate. Testosterone Enanthate is referred for the best strength gain. The notable positive trait of Testosterone is its lower liver toxicity. Since it is being a powerful drug, it causes many side effects. This is not recommended for women as it possesses both androgenic and estrogenic effects. Manboobs, hypertension, water retention, acne, natural testosterone suppression are the significant side effects of testosterone.


Halotestin is one of the best oral anabolic supplements to increase strength and endurance. Through an androgenic component, Halotestin increases the body power. This androgenic component is 19 times more powerful than Testosterone. Weight gain is not expected here due to its non-anabolic properties. The users say that muscle fullness is only temporary. The availability of Halotestin is rare in the market and it is expensive. Such an expensive product is duplicated by many manufacturers in the black market. So, it is best to read the label before buying Halotestin.


Trenbolone or Tren is a powerful anabolic steroid that is used for cutting, bulking cycles, it produces immense energy and makes the users stronger and rigid. A long-term usage of Trenbolone might produce harsh side effects. An amazing strength and endurance are gained while mixing Tren with Testosterone and Anavar. It is important to add Testosterone in Tren cycle because Trenbolone has the tendency to deprive Testosterone production. Trenbolone recommended dosage is 50 mg per week for only 8 weeks. Tren due to its masculine effect is not advisable for women. Still, the female users want to go for Tren, and then they may start with the lowest dosage say 5 mg each other day.

Though there are numerous anabolic androgenic supplements available in the market for increasing strength and endurance, it is important to analyze which suits your health condition. It is better to discuss with professionals, doctors before handling such potential AAS.

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