Benefits of Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery for Obesity

Obesity is the plague which is spreading now days. This plague has almost covered the whole world and people of every age group. However, there are many ways to avoid obesity but these ways are difficult like-running, eating healthy food and exercise etc. We avoid these activities which is one of the reasons for obesity. With the advancement in technology new methods have been developed to fight obesity and decrease people’s suffering. Gastrectomy sleeve surgery has come out as a catalyst in the life of obese people.

What is gastrectomy sleeve surgery?

In this surgery the patient’s stomach is treated and around 70-80% fat from the stomach is removed. This is the best mean for patient who couldn’t lose weight by other means. Since, the amount of stomach is decreased due to which a person cannot eat more at one time which do not allow fat to come back. Also the food moves faster in stomach and gut hormones released will be increased which will help a person in remaining full for a longer period of time and he doesn’t crave food in short time. 95% of the operations are successful and people have lost weight and did not gain it for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Gastrectomy sleeve surgery

  1. Protection form obesity diseases
    the main risk associated with obesity are diseases which are caused from it. These diseases are hypertension, respiratory problems, type 2 diabetes and heart problems. These can be fatal. Moreover, obese people face serious mobility issues. This surgery helps you in overcoming these problems. The risk of heart disease is reduced, sugar level reaches normal and you don’t have to go for hip or knee replacement, once you are done with this operation. The mobility is restored and it helps in attaining good health.
  2. Quality of life
    the lifestyles of obese people are dull and lousy or you can say isolated. They feel ashamed with social interactions and avoid activities. These activities help us in living in a healthy and blissful life. Obese people are normally sidelined and they feel depressed for it. Due which they exist in their own world and remain isolated. However, this surgery will make sure you socially interact with feeling ashamed and you participate in every activity. Therefore, your quality of life will be improved.
  3. High self confidence
    usually obese people have to face the taunt of people around them. These comments make them weak and decrease their self confidence. Low self confidence can less to less social interactions, more stress, depression etc. thus, weight loss help them in gaining the confidence and results have shown that people who are not obese are less depressed than people who are obese.
  4. Good quality sleep
    one of the main benefits of this surgery is it helps in improving your sleep. Obese people usually suffer from insomnia, inconsistent sleep and interrupted sleep. Weight loss help the in sleeping better, reduces the possibility of insomnia and increase the awareness level of a person.

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