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French is spoken in 53 countries, making it one of the most wide-spread languages of the world. French is the official language in 29 countries and it is spoken by nearly 300 million people. Translation services provide professional translation services for a wide range of fields including, business, marketing, sales, advertising, human resources and all technical, legal and medical fields.

The companies, which offer French translation services, recruit the people with expertise in language and good experience in translation. As the companies recruit well-trained people, the clients could expect high precision in the services. Some companies are there in the market by providing these kind of services for more than 25 years.

Other requirements:

 Not only translation services, the clients sometimes require more than that. It could be the technical and linguistic knowledge to open and run a website in French language, which requires more experience and tech savvy people. To create and maintain a website, other than the linguistic expertise, technical knowledge including file formats like HTML, XML, ASP, Java, PHP and CSS is required. All this is possible if language experts and technical people work together.

Sometimes an automated code, which may change the information on a daily basis, is required by the customer. For this, along with a language expertise, technical mastery is an essential prerequisite.

Many a firm offer extensive translation services. It is the client who has to select an apt and affordable one.

French Translation Services

Medical Translation Services in French

Medicine and life sciences are very important area where translation and interpretation play a major role. Accuracy in translation of medical records, patient records, doctor manuals, leaflets, brochures, research protocols, instructions and prescriptions, articles in medical journals etc is a prerequisite feature to help healthcare companies to provide world -class information. Pharma companies who want to continue research to find effective medicines for the chronic diseases, that want to expand their business internationally, require these medical translation services.

The expertise is available in the market in the form of experienced translators who have worked with different life science documents, patient surveys, medical documents and other related medical research. The majority of French people who are in the medical field aren’t fluent with English or some other world languages. Hence, the translators help in converting the clinical documents for the clients.

Other French Translation Services are available in the following areas for the people who seek help in a particular area.

 Document translation                                                 Software localisation

 Video sub-titling                                                                Patents and copy rights

Marketing and Advertising                                                 Publishing and type setting

Legal translation                                                                  Financial Translation

Certified translations                                                           Cross-cultural verification services

Employment law                                                                  French immigration law

French corporate law                                                           Web globalisation and many more.

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