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Today’s consumer has become aware to avoid purchase of any product without being thoroughly sure of the brand, quality and service. That’s when the online reviews are extremely beneficial in the decision making process. Popular websites like the come up with some astonishing reviews, which make us aware about the product details before actually buying it. However, it does not hold true in all situations; the behaving pattern of the consumer is still remains to be an unsolved mystery. Therefore, if you are avid user of the e-commerce websites and have a prominent buying pattern through these shopping destinations, then you need to be aware of some of the facts about these online reviews.

Facts about Online reviews:

  • There was a belief that word of mouth spreads more than fire, but the online reviews industry has actually proved it. Study says that around Sixty-seven percent of consumers get influenced by the online reviews and decide as per that. Now that’s a huge achievement.
  • Researches also show that not many people have really developed that habit of leaving reviews on services they have used and products they have purchased. There are approximate 38 percent population who has this habit of never leaving a review on the services and products and about a 48 percent of people shy away from leaving a review on the restaurants they have dined out. We have only approx. 10 percent genuine buyers who always make an effort to leave a review for the services they have used so that others could also benefit from those. But this is a glaring issue as now more and more customers need to be encouraged to leave a review so that the diluted form of reviews don’t reach the consumers.


  • Researches also reveal that customers prefer fresh reviews by the virtue how recent it has been posted. Forty four percent of consumers would not base their decision on a one month old review which means that the review companies like Review connection need to constantly keep updating their review mechanism and upload fresh reviews online.
  • People are very rating oriented. Five star rating is what everyone yearns for but today’s consumer is also; aware that a five star rating means higher price, hence he is comfortable for a four star rating as well. But the moment the rating drops below four star, he tends to get suspicious about the product and the services. A recent study reveals that around Ninety-four percent of consumers are likely to opt for the four star rating, but only Fifty-seven percent of people will opt for a three star rating.

Conclusion: Although reviews are a big ticket item for the Ecommerce Giants; however they are also confused on the statistical performance of these reviews. Companies want to invest more on reviews and get cumulative business increment with this phenomenon.

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