September 30, 2023

Once a girl gets active, it is recommended to have Pap test on a regular basis. Actually, Pap test is the screening tool which is done to check out the cervical health and to see whether there are any lesions or dysplasia of your cervix. Abnormal pap smear pregnant can be a matter of stress as many women get tensed about their pregnancy and the fetus’s health. If you follow doctor’s advice, there is nothing to be worried that much.

Changes in your cervix can happen due to hormonal imbalance which is quite natural during pregnancy. Again, if there are any dysplasia, that can be removed during delivery. If your biopsy report is saying positive, you can stay calm as the growth of this cancer is very slow, and you can deliver your baby at this time. After that, you will be under treatment. What types of treatments are followed? Read on to know more-

  1. Cone Biopsy

Cancer is a deadly word, but you don’t need to panic as cervical cancer is absolutely treatable if diagnosed at the initial stages. Cone biopsy is done to test whether cancer is there and how much it has spread. This is basically a surgical method where a cone-shaped segment of tissue is removed from your uterus for testing. It will take not more than 15 minutes and you don’t need to stay in the hospital more than overnight.

  1. Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone

This is also known as diathermy loop biopsy which is a method of cutting the affected area and again sealing it with a loop that runs on electricity. You will be given local anesthesia so that the part of the surgery becomes numb, but you stay awake.

  1. Cryotherapy

Though cryotherapy is done for pain management, it is also used to detect cervical cancer. In this method, a cold probe is used to freeze the abnormal cells in your cervix.

  1. Laser Therapy

This is also known as laser ablation. This is a treatment procedure where the laser is used to destroy the abnormal cells so that normal cells can grow back again. This is done by local anesthesia and one doesn’t need to get admitted to the hospital. Even, often women need just one session of this treatment. During the laser therapy, local anesthesia is used to make the affected area numb and then the laser beam is pointed towards the area of your cervix to destroy the abnormal cells. This may produce a smell of burning.

So, these are types of treatments that are followed if the biopsy report comes positive. You should go for Pap smear test during pregnancy always. The changes in your body should always be monitored and that may include a colposcopy. This is done to check out any kind of lesions in your cervix. If cancer is there, all treatments will be followed by the delivery. You should not be panicked as your doctor is there to take care of the situation.

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