1. How many bicycles do I need to transport?

There is a big difference between a single who plans to go to the track every weekend and a business woman who has to carry a large number of bicycles every day. A bachelor is better served by a trunk mounted in the trunk, while a business woman will probably need a hitch bracket or something more specialized.

  1. Do I need to move the frame from one vehicle to another?

Some conveyors, such as those mounted on the roof, are not suitable for situations in which they often have to move from one vehicle to another. In such cases, it is much easier to install mounted bike rack in garage.

  1. How safe is it? 

A trunk with hinges or a trunk that can be locked in the trunk of a vehicle may be the best option for those who plan to travel to unsafe areas.

  1. How much are buyers willing to spend?

Prices for carriers can vary dramatically, from tens of dollars to several hundred. This is due to several factors, such as the number of bicycles that the frame can hold, regardless of whether the frame is designed to be fixed to the roof or the trunk, the quality of the materials used to make the frame and additional materials such as upholstery, color and finished. Potential buyers should also consider other expenses. For example, a car with a roof bar will use more gas due to poor aerodynamics and, consequently, an increase in air resistance.

  1. What kind of car does a potential buyer have?

Some racks are not suitable for certain types of vehicles. For example, mounted on the hitch brackets that belong to class III, can only be used with vans and other large vehicles, while mounting on the luggage rack is not the best option for cars with a high center of gravity.

  1. How high can a customer lift a bicycle?

A roof rack is a bad choice for those who cannot lift a bicycle far from the ground, as it can not only damage it, but it also damages itself in the process. In such cases, it is likely that the carrier in the trunk is the best option.


Bicycles not only encourage citizens to ride a bicycle, but also bring more art to the city. Colombia hopes that the works of art contribute to a more artistic area that can attract more visitors. This idea can gain popularity in other cities that can offer new and interesting ideas that can encourage people to ride more bicycles, leading to a greener and greener world.

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