Does your office need a visitor management system?

Do you know how many visitors have been in your office on the last day, the last week, or even the last month? If the answer to any of these questions drew a blank and gave you pause for concern, it may well be time to implement a management system that tracks and records any visitation that takes place during working hours.

If you’ve been using an Excel sheet or a similar system to track visitors, you may have bee doing half the job, but you’ll also find that names have been entered incorrectly, not everyone who passes through the doors is recorded, nor is the person they met with noted. Each day, you could be letting dozens of people into your business, some with less-than-honest intentions, and have no record of it or know nothing about it.

A Cutting-Edge Solution

If even the government has visitor pass issues you can bet your business has them, but the solution is surprisingly simple. Even if you have a smiling secretary welcoming every visitor, knowing who they are is crucial to operations and peace of mind. Therefore, a digital visitor management system is needed in just about every business.

This type of system is designed to track visitors in a far more formal way and to ensure that anyone who crosses the threshold is properly recorded. The old days of a clipboard and time in/time out check sheet are long gone, and who of us can admit that we ever filled those in properly or neatly? Instead, cutting-edge software can be used to track every visitor, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Digital Check-Ins

Today’s visitor management systems, such as those offered by, ensure that visitors are tracked properly from the time they enter to the time they leave and that the person they are visiting is recorded, too.

Digital systems can also take photos of the person who is visiting, and these images can be stored on a cloud-based server offsite. This means that if any incident arises, ID photos can be viewed and potential suspects identified. This is especially useful in the case of office theft, data breaches, or when persons are suspected of corporate espionage or carrying out similar types of spying.

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