February 22, 2024

If you move to a new house or apartment, you may need to furnish it fully. It is good if you already have a few furniture pieces. This means you will spend a little on things that you lack. However, if you start from scratch and the budget is critical, you should learn how to prioritize.

You can live without a dining table for a while but you cannot cope up with the daily demands of work if you are not happy with your bedroom. If your bedroom is empty, it is time to prioritize some things to ensure that you rest and rejuvenate well.

How do you get started?

Your goal here is to furnish your bedroom on a budget. To help you get started, you should consider the following:

    • Research: remember that research can mean the difference between buying quality bedroom furniture pieces and inefficient items. When researching, you should compare the prices of brick and mortar furniture shops and online shops. Aside from that, you should also look into interior styles and determine what you like.
  • Create a list: as soon as you compared the prices and determined the interior style, the next thing to do is create a list of the furniture pieces you need. At the bare minimum, you should consider a bed frame, mattress, bedside table, wardrobe, dressing tables, and drawers.
  • Be flexible: to get the best deals possible, you have to be flexible. If the style you are going for is difficult to complete, you should be willing to look for other furniture pieces. If you open your mind, you will be surprised by the outcome.

So, how much is the cost of furnishing a bedroom?

You should understand that the cost will depend greatly on the size of the bedroom, furniture pieces you need and the importance you give it. In general, the cost of furnishing can range anywhere from $3000 to $12000 or more. Here’s a look at some prices:

  • Bed frame: the cost of the bed frame will depend on the material and the storage integrated with it. For instance, a metal bed frame can cost anywhere from $279 to $379. For a queen bed with storage, the price is set from $599. If you are patient, you can find cheap Beds online australia.
  • Mattress: your bed will never be complete without mattress. If you want a high-quality mattress, you should prepare to spend at least $2,800.
  • Bedside table: you should also think about a bedside table as it can store important necessities within arm’s reach. Like the bed frame, the cost will depend on the material. The starting price for bedside tables is $64 to $300.
  • Wardrobe: this is important as it can house your work clothes and other types of clothes. The price will vary depending on the material and the craftsmanship. The starting price for a 2-door wardrobe is $229.
  • Dressing table: a dressing table is important to ensure that you appear pleasant when coming to work. The starting price for a dressing table set is $150.
  • Drawers: for other things, you should consider drawers. The starting price for a 6 chest of drawers is $199.

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