One of the most terrible and epidemic sickness the world cannot simply treat is depression—each year, thousands of people commit suicide, or some develop chronic diseases mainly due to depression. It is a hidden and oftentimes a silent killer which cannot be diagnosed easily.

A lot of people suffering from depression are always trying their best to hide the sign from the people they know, or they may not even know that they are already suffering from depression.

Although the most usual symptoms and signs of depression like sadness, being hopeless, can be easily recognized, however, there are more serious symptoms and signs that are less visible and less obvious.

In this post, let us discuss some of the hidden signs of depression that you have to notice and help a person or even yourself according to the best life counselling in Australia.

  1. Weight changes and changes in appetite– Usually, one of the hidden signs that you can notice for a person suffering from depression is the sudden change of his or her appetite, they may have lost their appetite or they may have a sudden binge on foods. They can also be noticed on how drastic their weight loss or gain is. Eating a lot of eating too little can suggest that this person may be suffering from depression. However, the most obvious sign that a person is suffering from depression is the sudden urge to eat because they turn to food for comfort.
  2. Changes in their sleeping schedules– There is good evidence that a person is suffering from depression because of how they manage their sleep schedule. The lack of sleep is a huge contributing factor to depression where a person has difficulty catching sleep for them. While, there are some people who sleep more frequent than before because for a person who suffers from depression, escaping the loneliness, hopelessness and their problems can be done through sleeping.
  3. Developing vices– A person who suffers from depression can develop a vice either alcohol or drugs. There are some people who have mood disorders will rely on alcohol or drugs to cope with their own feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and their feeling of being alone.
  4. Always fatigued– A person who always say he or she is tired and physically looks drained and fatigued is a very strong sign that he or she is suffering from depression. A lot of researches and studies suggest that over ninety percent of people who suffer from depression experience fatigue and tiredness. Even though people feel drained and fatigued at some time in their lives, however, a person who suffers from depression can have severe and persistent tiredness.
  5. Unoptimistic in life– There is a study suggests that people who have depression have a lesser optimism when it comes to the outlook of their lives. They are more often pessimistic about their lives. People with depression are very pessimistic because they often view their future negatively because of the loneliness and hopelessness they feel because of the problems they face in their lives.

If you notice one of these signs of someone you dear to you, you should talk to them, listen to them, and refer them to a Counselling Support & Advice.

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