J Cole - Thirteen Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Rapper

J Cole isone of the most successful figures in hip-hop industry today. That is saying something considering the how the frequently the genre is being trashed. The most obvious reason why people prefer j cole album download is because he’s one of the most diverse rappers out there.

Call yourself a J Cole fan?  Check out these fun facts to find out if you’re truly one.

J Cole’s real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole.

At first the American singer-songwriter’s stage name was ‘blaza’. Later, the rapper tried to keep his name similar to his real name. You can also click here for more insight about J Cole and get yourself more informed about this music idol.

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J Cole began rapping when he was 12

The latent of the singer started blossoming at the tender age of 12. It was only until fifteen when he started taking singing as more than just a hobby and began producing his own music.

The rapper was born on a military base

J Cole was born at an American military base in Frankfurt, West Germany. His father is an African-American veteran who served in the US Army.

A basketball player

J Cole is an amazing basketball player. He used to play at his university days. He showed off his skills at the NBA all-star celebrity game.

He is taller than Jay Z

The rapper when met Jay Z for the first time was thrilled to find he was a whole ‘one-inch’ taller than the rap icon.

A salesman before a success story

The singer used to work at a local newspaper as an ad salesman. He was also a bill collector before he rose to stardom.




He is a major in communications

J Cole attended St. Johns University on an educational scholarship. He majored in communications and business.

J Cole plays the violin

The singer was the first chair violinist at his high school. He also plays a guitar.

Jay Z featured on his debut album

The rap icon actually delayed Cole’s first ever album from releasing so that he could feature himself on the album. Before the release of his debut album, he toured with Drake.

J Cole is a half-German

He was rejected by his own mentor Jay Z, later on went to signing a record deal with the record label, Roc Nation owned by Jay Z.

The 1$ concert

In 2013, J Cole toured in ten cities in the US, where the tickets to his show were sold for only 1 dollar. He wanted his fans to enjoy the music without worrying about not having enough in their pockets.

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