What is Endoscopy and its Different Types of Accessories?

Endoscopy is referred to as theinsertion of the thin, long tube straightforwardly into the body to see an internal tissue. It can likewise be utilized to do various activities including imaging as well as minor surgery.

There are different types of endoscopes available with the top endoscopy accessories distributor that is highly being used during surgery.

Endoscopes are insignificantly invasive and can be put into the openings of the body, for example, the mouth or anus.

On the other hand, they can be put into little cuts, for example, in the knee or stomach area. Surgery is done with a small incision and helped with particular instruments, for example, the endoscope is known as keyhole surgery.


Endoscopy can be suitable in a wide spectrum of medical situations.

  • Gastrointestinal tract: stomach, esophagus, and duodenum (esophagogastroduodenoscopy), small intestine (enteroscopy), large intestine/colon (colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy), rectum (rectoscopy), bile duct, and anus (anoscopy).
  • Respiratory tract: lower respiratory tract (bronchoscopy), Nose (rhinoscopy).
  • Ear: Otoscopy
  • Urinary tract: Cystoscopy
  • Female reproductive tract (gynoscopy): Cervix (colposcopy), fallopian tubes (falloposcopy), uterus (hysteroscopy).
  • Through a small incision: Abdominal or pelvic cavity (laparoscopy), organs of the chest (thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy), the inner part of a joint (arthroscopy).


The process does not need anovernight stay in the hospitalas well as typically just takes around 1 hour to finish. The doctor will give instructions about the preparation for the process.

For some kinds of endoscopy, the individual hasto quick for around 12 hours, however, this differs depending on the type.

For methodology investigating the gut, laxatives might be taken the night prior to clear the system.

A doctor will do an examination before the endoscopy. It is essential to mention all present medications (counting supplements) and any past methods.

Different Types of Endoscopy Accessories

Cleaning Brushes

  • Made to facilitate high cleaning performance
  • Makes sure compatibility with the endoscope channel


  • Made to fit easily in the patient’s mouth, the biteblock is adjustable and latex-free to improve procedure efficiency
  • Single-use

Biopsy Valves

  • Made to lower the risk of cross-contamination
  • Make sure optimal device manipulation
  • Biopsy valves lock on the scope
  • Single use as well as packaged sterile

Suction Polyp Trap

  • Strong plastic construction, permits for visual verification of polyp collection
  • 4-chamber indexing system allows exact identification as well as localization of every polyp
  • Exclusively packaged to decrease the harm of biohazard as well as sample contamination
  • Easy in-line installation

Quick Catch Polyp Trap

  • Cost-effective
  • Strong, plastic construction, permitting visual verification of polyp collection
  • Special flat surface design gives gripping as well as handling
  • Easy in-line installation
  • Exclusively packaged

Distal Attachments

  • Designed usingcolorless transparent material to help observation of tissue in a clear, unclouded arena of view
  • 4 mm in length to keep up an appropriate distance from distal tip of the scope to the lumen to allow scope to directly contact with the mucosal membrane
  • Adaptable line up compatible with a wide array of endoscopes

Spray Catheters

  • Present in both standard type for regular washing as well as spray type for dye spraying

The endoscopy accessories listed above are easily available with endoscopy accessories distributor. It simply depends on the hospital requirements like what type of instruments they would like to use while performing surgery.

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