You are about to leave home, close the door and start your day, but often we all do this without thinking twice about home security, security camerasĀ  or video surveillance .But this approach to the security of your home changes after suffering a theft or an attempted robbery.

And, with so many options in the security and video surveillance market, how to choose a security solution that suits your needs without a very high cost? Yes it is true, some security systems are expensive and complicated to install if you are not a professional. But what if you could insure your house for the price of a dinner for two?

With leading security systems you will get your doorbell security camera or video surveillance at the cheapest price and you will have the peace of mind knowing that your home or business is safe. The new Smart Home technology has changed the rules of the game. Forget the expensive monthly fees and security systems that require a professional installation.

The security experts are sharing the best options for each budget so you can protect your home and also your pocket. For less than the price of a dinner for two, these security cameras provide peace of mind on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through remote control applications for Smartphone.

At the most economical price in the market you have a video surveillance kit with an external security camera with fixed optics, as well as a recorder compatible with all HDCVI / HDTV / CVBS / AHD technologies with 4 channels, 16 port PoE Switch and 1TB of memory.

With this kit we also send you a 20m two-way cable with video signal and power, plus you will receive the obligatory and homologated video surveillance zone sign. This security kit also allows a remote view from a computer and through the mobile phone and tablet with the app thanks to the P2P connection.

These kits are sent fully configured to facilitate your use and we give you the support you need, so you just have to place it and breathe easy. These security systems can be adapted to your needs, so on our website, you will find different prices depending on the number of security cameras you need for your home or your business.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor

Another option that you can choose for the safety of your home or business, are the kits with indoor and outdoor security cameras, compact and discreet.

Security cameras of different models such as dome cameras or bullet cameras commonly known, but we also have other types for you to choose the one that best suits you as camouflaged security cameras or mini cameras.

Wireless Security Camera without Cables

A wireless security camera is small but powerful, without wires, which can be installed almost anywhere and in a few minutes.

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