Can Fly Rugs Make Your Horse Overheat?

Like human beings, plants and animals also need proper care in order to grow normally and feel-at-ease during different types of climatic conditions. Same is particularly true when you have kept a pet like a horse in your stable for certain reasons. In the extremely hot weather conditions, horses also start sweating excessively and may start feeling restless and uncomfortable. Moreover, the flies and insects most commonly found during hot weather conditions and especially around animals like horses may make the condition worse. To tackle and manage this problem well, specialised rugs called fly rugs are used in order to save your horse against the scorching heat. Some people doubt if such rugs may result in overheating of your horse. In the current content, we are discussing the same point.

Fly Rugs

Made from breathable fabrics

It is worth noting that fly rugs are manufactured keeping in mind the fact that these are to be used during summers when there is exceptionally high temperature and the environment is heated up due to harsh sun rays. Such fabrics are used to manufacture such rugs that may allow the skin of the horse to keep breathing normally. Proper ventilation for the horse’s body is ensured this way. Thus chances of any overheating are totally ruled.

Maintains normal body temperature of the horse

The major aim of these rugs is to maintain normal body temperature for the horse even when the temperature is extremely high. Hence horses remain at-ease and unaffected by the hot weather conditions.

Saves horse against excessively hot weather conditions

Hot winds that may result in dehydration in your horse are also prevented from affecting your horse in any ways with the use of these wonderful rugs. In fact, these rugs are meant to offer total protection against all such conditions and thus save from overheating.

Offers safeguard to horse against harsh sunlight

Harsh sunlight, exposure to which is the main reason for overheating in horses or other animals, is also prohibited from affecting your horse in any ways facilitated by these rugs. This in turn offers a totally cool feeling to the horse during summers. As a consequent of this, chances of any overheating for your horse are ruled out.

To conclude the chances of any overheating of the body of your horse are ruled out with the use of these specialized rugs meant to make horses feel comfortable even when the temperatures become extremely high outside.

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