Interesting Facts To Know About Bulky Item Disposal Singapore

Bulky waste is the item or material which one wishes to dispose of. These cannot either be sold or donated and also that is too big for one to keep anywhere. Some of the large appliances like the big-screen televisions, the kitchen ovens, some furniture items like couches and the dining room tables, and the bathroom sinks and bathtubs are mainly considered as bulky waste. Some of the facts about bulky item disposal Singapore has been discussed in this article.

Some of the different options that are available to dispose of the bulky items

Some of the options to dispose of the bulky waste are:

  1. Retailer take-back who remove some of the old appliance, kitchen or furniture. Many of the retailers offer their customers service for removing and disposing of some of the old items that one is replacing.
  2. House clearance companies are essentially the dealers of second-hand furniture.  They will clear some part or all of the customer’s home to resell as much of the items they can remove as possible.
  3. Council dump where one drives it to the civic amenity site, tip or household waste & the recycling center. If someone has sufficient time, the muscles and the wheels, a trip or several trips to the local civic amenity site (or household waste & recycling center) is the cheapest option for getting rid of your bulky waste.
  4. Council collection to normally book a bulky waste collection from your council. Every local authority should provide the residents with a collection service for collecting bulky household waste.
  5. One of the other options is to burn waste.
  6. Hiring a skip is the most affordable solution to get rid of some bulky waste from home. The beauty of a skip phenomenon is that it works as a nice container for waste as someone fills it and also it has got a fixed upfront price.

Features offered by the bulky item disposal companies in Singapore

  1. The companies offering the bulky item disposal in Singapore, do have many years of experience in handling the bulky waste.
  2. They normally own and do operate a large number of containers, vehicles, and bins.
  3. They do have a dedicated team to help with any queries of the customer. And they provide the service 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  4. Handling and managing waste is very challenging. This is especially when they are in huge amounts. If someone is trying to get rid of the bulky waste, then they might want to turn to any professional company to make sure they get rid of the waste effectively with minimal costs.
  5. Some of the companies do provide certificates after disposal of the bulky items for the satisfaction of the customer.


Disposing of items sounds very simple but in Singapore, they do have strict rules and regulations to observe.

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