The Best Log Splitter For Your Needs

Part of the pre-winter tradition is chopping logs for the long cold season. But in an era when the modern lifestyle forces us to collect wood quickly, axes and hammers are not so well suited for the job. For the elderly, it is not recommended to work with axes and hammers. These are just a few reasons why log splitters are the best wood cutting device.

A wood splitter works like mechanical axes. The main difference is that it is powered by hydraulic pumps instead of raw muscle force. The motors continue to push the log into a metal block until the pressure is strong enough to split it. For more information go to

There are three basic types of hydraulic log splitters available in the market today, manual, electric and gasoline-powered. Each type of wood splitter has definite characteristics. Use the guide for each class listed below to help you with your decision making process.

A manual hydraulic log splitter is a hydraulic cylinder that sits on its side. Manual pumping of the jack causes a rod to drive a log against the splitting wedge. It is an efficient but slow process. It is easy to use, safe and quiet. A manual pump hydraulic log splitter does not require electricity or gasoline to operate. This is the most environmentally friendly log splitter. It is compact, easy to store and can be used anywhere. For homeowners who typically burn less than a cord of firewood per year, this is a good option.

Homeowners who typically burn two to 10 cords of wood per year will appreciate the productivity of an electric log splitter. These relatively light machines are compact and easy to maneuver and store. They operate using standard household power. This makes them unusable in remote areas unless you have access to a generator set. Electric hydraulic log splitters are safe to use and quiet. Because they do not burn gasoline or produce toxic fumes, they are environmentally friendly and can be used indoors.

Gasoline hydraulic log splitters are the best option for commercial or remote applications. Typically, these are larger, more massive machines that require more space for storage. These types of log splitters can handle more massive diameter logs quickly. The gasoline engine is noisier than manual and electric log splitters. It also produces toxic fumes and cannot be used indoors.

You should also consider whether you need a horizontal or vertical log splitter. Vertical log splitters offer the advantage of not having to lift massive logs onto the machine.

Hold on to your ax, maul, wedges, and mace. With all the time and energy you save using your new hydraulic log splitter, you may need to get some physical exercise.

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