Things to Keep in Mind while Shipping Overseas

Shipping services are meant for handling and transportation of cargo and shipments, both nationally and internationally. A kind of International Courier service in which goods and materials across the ocean and reach its receiver residing in a foreign land. The most effective process that ships goods overseas is with the help of a container. Dispatching containers overseas requires extensive documentation and the procedure of shipment approval for dispatch is tiresome. The following things should be considered carefully while processing overseas shipments:


The overseas shipment such as parcel to USA from India requires various kinds of important documents, such as ownership proof, bill of lading, address proof, certificate of origin, dock’s receipt, declaration approval for shipper’s export service, insurance and fright documents. These documents should be prepared cautiously by the freight forwarding agent.

Custom Fees

The custom department charges shipping fees for dispatching good internationally, such as when dispatching a courier to USA from Mumbai, a fee will be levied depending upon the products transported and the distance of shipping. The valuation of the product will also be considered when custom fees are concerned. Custom fees should be contemplated before shipping goods overseas.

Shipment Fee

The shipping organization or freight forwarding agents will charge a certain fee while dispatching goods. This fee is added to custom fees, and the amount varies widely. The shipment fee is the charges with International Courier for transportation and taxes. The tariffs are different for different companies and is dependent upon the shipment type – worldwide or international.

Regulations for Custom Clearance

Custom regulations are very strict in terms of international shipping. The countries have varied regulations that need to be fulfilled before any foreign shipment reaches the border. The documents required are to be thoroughly prepared and approved by custom regulations, this paperwork is essential and one should scrutinize the best freight forwarding agents for shipping goods internationally.

Transit Time

Transit time is the total time when a package is dispatched until the time when the package is received. The receiving date should be calculated beforehand and planned accordingly. Courier service partners provide deep insight into the possible transit time, and the sender should select a trustworthy source for deciding the dispatching date so that package reaches the destination on time.

Transport Medium

Overseas shipments are often dispatched through ships and cargo, which is sea freight. However, sometimes air freights are also considered. Airfreight is expensive but fast, on the other hand, sea freights are inexpensive and takes a lot of time. Delicate items are transported through cargo, whereas urgent ships are transported through air freight.

Packaging Materials

The packaging requirements should be kept in mind before shipping goods and articles. The articles should be carefully packed in containers made up of resistant materials and labeled as per the norms designated by the customs regulations. Hiring a reputed International Courier will ensure proper and sturdy packaging and the articles will reach the destination safely and within the estimated time.

The dispatching rules put forward by customs regulations should be religiously adhered to before sending articles for overseas shipping and hiring a trustworthy courier service ensures timely and safe delivery of packages.

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