Writing 101: How To Improve Writing Skills

Writing is a fun activity. Most of the people who are involved in professional writing are those authors, editors, researchers, professors, and even students. These are the individuals who make use of writing as their interest, hobby, and career purposes. These writing professionals can’t become a pro with their work without undergoing such studying and researching. They have invested a lot of time to make their writings a good craft. But, not all writers are competent in native English language, so they look for ways on improving native English writing skills. Now, there is a popular writing support tool that recently helps a lot of English writers. It had helped many writers, which it gets more updated this year.

Learning while improving writing skills

Anyone who planned to improve writing skills can make use of an efficient writing support tool. The ielts sample writing task can teach and train you to develop. The task is no longer about paper works; it has updated the advanced era, which computers are used. So, learning is done through the computer-based and paper-based task. The English language test will not give you any difficulties because you are already familiar with the writings. You can test all your writing skills at https://www.idp.com/hongkong/ielts-hk/ielts-on-computer-ielts-on-paper/?lang=en. In this way, you can have a hint of how much English you have in you and if you need more learnings to get improved. However, as the saying goes, learning is continuous, never don’t stop. Always take the opportunity to learn more and improve more.

ielts sample writing task

How IELTS work?

Students who are planning to enrol in IELTS, you have to ready yourself. But, never feel pressured because you are learning here and you are not punished if you are not that good. Keep in mind that you will enjoy the writing task learning process, and soon, you will see the result. There will be 5-7 days to wait for the result of the writing task you have completed. Plus, not only writing skills, but you can also be trained to have good speaking skills if you want. It will be more fun because you will have a face-to-face speaking test. But, for students who are worried because they don’t have the confidence in their speaking skills, take it easy. You are taught here and not meant to be scolded.

Is IELTS on a computer?

Yes, it is all on the computer is you want, especially students who are out of the country. International students are accepted and can also have the writing task to improve. The English test on the computer involves three following sections:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Once you are done will all of these sections, probably you are ready to take the English Language test and proud as a passer.

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