Advantages of mattresses with independent pocket springs

The pocket spring mattress, on the other hand, is equipped with independent springs, called “ pocket ” because they are enclosed separately inside fabric bags. The iron or steel springs contained inside the bags are totally separated from each other, while the bags are tied together so as to allow the springs to maintain the right position.

This type of structure allows the springing of the spirals only where pressure is exerted, without therefore involving all the springs of the mattress. In this way, the product adapts to the body and not the other way around, as happens with traditional spring structures individual pocketed spring.

The pocket spring double mattress is therefore the ideal solution, especially when the bed is divided by two partners, who can rest peacefully and their movements will not bother the partner.

There are different types of memory pocket spring mattress on the market, with a number of springs that can vary from 300 to 7000. However, it is essential to remember that, in order to be of good quality and to give good support to the body, the pocket spring mattress memory must have at least 600 springs.

Individual Pocketed Spring

The greater the number of metal spirals contained within the structure, the more homogeneous will be its reactivity to the weight of the body. However, it is important to remember that the stiffness of the mattress varies greatly depending on the number of springs: the more springs there will be inside the structure, the softer it will be.

Pocket spring and memory foam mattress: the support of springs, the comfort of memory foam

The memory pocket spring mattress, therefore, in addition to having the advantage of being composed of independent springs, also has the advantage of containing a topper made of memory foam , a special foamy compound that adapts to the heat of the body.

Spring mattresses do not have the advantage of adapting to the heat of the human body, unless the material that wraps and covers the metal parts is memory foam. This is in fact known for its ability to progressively modify its shape and its temperature according to that of the body, and therefore to provide comfort and carefully distribute the weight evenly.

Thanks to the surface layer of memory foam combined with the ability of the springs to adequately support the user’s weight, the memory pocket spring mattress will be able to accommodate every movement that the body makes during the night, supporting the pressure points.

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