October 1, 2023

That black goes well with everything is a completely justified myth that comes to us from fashion. There have been many stylists and icons, especially of the past, who have linked their fortune to garments, which have become iconic, of the color of pitch. Over the last few years, this elegant and timeless trend has also moved into the interior. The interiors are dressed in dark, full, opaque (absolutely opaque) shades. So make room for black on the walls (I’ll talk about it in an ad hoc post), wide in furnishing accessories and absolutely wide in the kitchens digital kitchen.

In fact, the trend that sees the black kitchen increasingly at the center of interior design projects is completely new. Just about kitchens, dressed in black, I want to talk to you today. If white is still, at the time of writing, the most chosen color among those who renovate their kitchen, black, not absolute and not total but wisely modulated and combined, is becoming more and more popular and is becoming a choice of style. decisive and evident, in the homes. The black that I propose to you, refined and combined with a great classic, with a timeless like wood in one case and combined with the cold and elegant marble in the other. How and why to choose a black kitchen? And how to create the right moodboard to create a new kitchen in full minimal but chic style? Choosing a black kitchen is certainly not an easy choice as choosing a white one can be. Choose it first if you have clear ideas and know what you want food technology.


Unlike the kitchen in light tones, the black one will be noticeable, will certainly attract the eye and will become a central point of your room. I find it perfect if placed in an open space because it becomes the pivot, the fulcrum, on which to build your palette. Gray walls, multi-branched gilded chandeliers, tall plants, geometric print pillows, and the classic Beni Ourain could be the perfect complements to your black kitchen. As you will have already understood if you have read more on the blog, the first thing you need to do if you decide to renovate or build a room from scratch is to create the perfect moodboard . Today I propose you a pair of “pret-a porter” that if you are fascinated by a black kitchen, but do not know how to insert it in your home space, you can use as a starting point. The perfect pairing, and more pinterestabile, is the one with natural oak, perhaps knotted, which can perfectly be a background against which to highlight an island that becomes almost a monolith, chosen in an opaque black, lacquered or fenix. Black and wood kitchen, a must.

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