Fire Rated Doors And Their Security Rating Classification

It is essential to invest in fire-rated doors to protect the buildings from a fire outbreak. Many residential and commercial complexes opt for these doors and place them at the fire exits to level up the protection cover and save lives. Moreover, at many places, it comes under the construction regulations to install these doors. There are different types of doors that vary depending on the level of protection it provides.

One such type is the SR2 rated doors. They are safe to use in warehouses, residential complexes, and retail outlets. To understand every detail about the SR2 doors, you first need to know about the fire-rated doors. Let us take a deeper insight into the concept of fire safety doors and how SR2 classification is fruitful.

What Are Fire-Rated Doors?

These are functional doors made of unique fire safety materials. They do not let the fire pass through them for some time. Thus, it gives enough time to the rescue team to call for help and evacuate the place. Some of the benefits of fire-rated doors are:

  • Facilitate efficient evacuation of the important staff and people in the building.
  • They give enough time to call for help and protect the property from potential damages.
  • As the fire gets restricted to one place, it curbs the spread of toxic gases and smoke.
  • These are heavy metal doors. Thus, they also protect your property from burglars and thieves.

Let us discuss the details about SR2 doors and how they are beneficial.

About SR2 Fire Rated Doors:-

SR2 doors have steel as the base material, providing a low to medium level of security. These doors are made of galvanised steel or zintec steel, depending on the door size and budget. These doors come in double, single, or half leaf door outlets. It can restrict the fire to about 15 minutes. However, the time can vary depending upon the severity of the fire.

SR2 rated doors are the basic safety doors recommended for stores with thousands of pounds of goods. Similarly, it needs to be attacked by sturdy tools for more than 5 minutes to break them and get access. LPCB, loss prevention certificate board, check the security features of a door. Based on their test results, they put them in the SR2 category.

That is all you need to know about the doors used to restrict fire at one place. It is vital to put them in multi-storey buildings or stores in the malls to carry out a rescue operation till they stop the fire from spreading. Choose the apt classification and pay attention to the quality of doors, and it will solve the purpose efficiently. Other than this, make sure to choose a reliable seller to make the purchase to get assured quality and durability.

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