Every person has a dream of living in their own house. The definition of a dream house is different for everyone. Some may like a big backyard or front yard or quiet surroundings nearby, but one thing is common a good space and reachability to all the necessary things. And if it is affordable, it is like the cherry on the top. In the same context, the Singapore government has provided various options in housing for citizens all over the country under Housing & Development Board (HDB). These HDB flats are affordable, but their quality and spacing are amazing.

Currently, many new launches of condos and ongoing projects under HDB have been happening, and the price is also increasing at a moderate speed. It’s the right time to buy a home, but if you want to live right now don’t want to wait for housing in built-to-order (BTO), then resale HDB flats are best for you. And if you are a small family, then resale hdb 4 room flat woodlands is best for you.

resale HDB 4 room flat

Here’s the reason why?

  •   Cheapest:4-room HDB flats are the cheapest in Woodlands or the other estates. The resale price for HDB 4-room flats starts from $406,000 (2Q2021) lowest of all the other estates.
  •   Connectivity: Woodland has all the places nearby which you’ll be needing like schools are less than 800m, airport like Changi, supermarkets, and malls less than 1km and other necessities which you will be required. So, connectivity is brilliant, and you’ll get everything nearby your place.
  •   Spacing:Well the space the HDB 4-room flats provide is good (90 sq. m or 969 sq. ft.), suitable for small families or if you are working from home you can make one room your office.

The government of Singapore is working to provide affordable homes for its citizens, which have good space and quiet surroundings. Though the new HDB flats are way cheaper than resale ones, as the projects are still going on, you have to wait for the time you’ll start living there. So, if you want a home and want to start living in months, then resale flats are best for you. They are well spacious and in a good locality. If your family is small, 4- room HDB flats are best for you. Currently, Woodland has the cheapest 4room flats with good connectivity and space. So, go and buy your own home in Singapore.

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