Critical Illness Insurance is insurance in which the insurer usually has a The lumpsum is contracted to pay cash if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the specific diseases on a predetermined list as a part of the insurance policy. Designed to help pays the costs associated with heavy illness insurance.

Life-changing diseases.

Simply put, it’s more money if you are seriously ill, so you can focus more on your health and not your finances.

How does this insurance work in critical illness?

If you are diagnosed with one of your ailments, and your policy covers it, then after a stipulated period, you will receive a one-time lump sum cash payment.

Do I need any critical illness insurance?

So ask yourself, do any of your other insurance policies, such as life insurance, group health insurance, or a disability plan, provide adequate coverage? Would your retirement goals still be met if you had to quit, say,$50,000 for medicals expenses?Are you able to bear the cost of being seriously ill? Things like loss of income, cost of travel and home care. Heavy illness insurance can help with the extra costs that come up.

Benefits of Expat insurance company?

  • In this, we get the option of making a guaranteed lump sum payment.
  • and includes more than 35 serious diseases
  • There is also an early-stage cancer cover available
  • There is also an option to buy a multi claim policy.
  • Heavy Illness Insurance Policy in Singapore provides you with much needed financial protection in case of serious distress.

How much will the costs of the plan?

Depending on the sufferer’s age and the history of the disease, the cost of taking a critical illness insurance plan in Singapore varies. If you want,you can talk to them.Dedicated consultants will work directly with you to tailor a critical illness insurance package to suit your illness needs in Singapore.

Why is the incidence of critical illness increasing continuously?

  • Due to lifestyle issues
  • Sedentary lifestyle due to lack of exercise
  • smoking,
  • a residual chemical in processed food
  • Critical illness insurance covers major diseases
  • like- Heart attack. Stroke and kidneys failure. Major head trauma. Major cancers. coronary artery bypass surgery and any disease
  • Getting medical treatment in Singapore is very expensive. Expat Insurance Company is a good company for Critical Illness Insurance


After knowing and understanding all about critical illness insurance, its benefits, how it works, its cost and many more things, how and why it is important to get critical illness insurance.

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