Binary options are a form of derivative that can trade on any market or instrument. They are appealing because they are easy. Before you make a deal, you know exactly how much you will win or lose. There’s no need to use a calculator or do some complex math. Binary options trading is otherwise called “all or none trades”, because of this. The binary option has been around for decades and are also known as “digital” options. Commodity values, such as aluminum and crude, can be traded using binary options. Both major and minor currency pairs are available as foreign exchange rate options, click here to know more iq-option.co.za/blog/binary-com_vs_iq-option.


There are several different option types.  The most common forms are


 It is the most basic and widely used binary option. A “spot price” is the price of an asset you purchase a binary option. For more information iq-option.co.za/blog/binary-com_vs_iq-option. If you believe that the price will rise at some point, you can buy a call option and win if all of the necessary conditions are met.


 Things become a little more complicated here. If you choose ‘In’option, you bet that the asset price will remain consistently within the defined boundaries for the duration of the period. If you choose the Out option, the situation could be reversed; you will set the limits again, but this time you will bet that the price will not stay within the limit.

Touch/No touch

 Levels that are either higher or lower than the current price, will be set. You then bet money on whether the price will reach these levels between when you join the trade and when it expires. As soon as the touch is generated, the payout is produced.


The ladder will have pre-determined levels that are phased up or down, rather than using the current price.


Expiry dates are the other predominant factor of binary choices. It is the point at which the trade will end, and you will know whether you have won or lost. These periods can vary from 30 seconds to one minute to an entire day and even a year.


  • It is known for its simplicity.
  • Binaries reduce risk to a bare minimum, and there are even fewer criteria to consider.
  • By using binary options, trading one can get more profit.
  • Binary options trading is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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