August 16, 2022
buy resale property

Due to considerations such as depreciation, age of the property, and certain end cost of the asset, the resale property is a more cost-effective option than buying a ready-to-move-in house. However, buying a 4 room resale flat renovation package property comes with much too many technical and legal ramifications, as well as administrative obligations.

Consult experts

It may be better to use a knowledgeable real estate agent to locate a resale property or flat. They also would be able to give information on the seller of the property. Most real estate agents charge a fee in addition to assisting with registration, stamp duty reimbursement, and other administrative obligations when purchasing a resale apartment or property. Enlisting the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer will also help to ensure that everything is legal.

Title of resale property

While enlisting the help of professionals such as estate agents and attorneys can be advantageous, it is always preferable to be well-informed before entering into transactions and processes for purchasing a resale flat or property. The first step in buying a resale flat or property is to check the seller’s title to see if he is the genuine owner of the property/flat or if he has been given power of attorney to conduct the deal.

4 room resale flat renovation package

Required documents

Purchasing a resale property may appear to be a good idea, but it may quickly turn into a major headache if the documents relating to the initial purchase and eventual transfer of ownership are not correctly stamped. Firstly, it could pose problems if the application of a loan for the purchase of the resale property is needed. As a result, it may be unacceptably inconvenient if more business is done with the property.


Technical experts would evaluate the property or flat. However, before approaching banks, hiring a property valuator for a small cost might be beneficial. The bank’s property valuator may value the property at a significantly lower rate. They’d also like to be protected if the property’s value falls in the future.

Buying a 4 room resale flat renovation package helps to swiftly move, saving money on rent and eliminating the need to move frequently. If a bank loan is taken, one might be able to immediately deduct the interest paid. Unlike new apartments, one would not have to wait for possession. It is recommended to be familiar with various procedures for obtaining a resale flat or property.

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