February 22, 2024

Despite the similarity between scalp micro pigmentation and tattooing, Iulo says scalp micropigmentation is the more appropriate term since when someone mentions head tattoos, they usually think of skulls and crossbones. We can create the illusion of hair or, more precisely, tiny hair follicles by using microneedles in men’s scalp micropigmentation, pigments, and pointillism techniques. A trained technician can match the pigment to the colour of your hair and can use this technique to conceal hair loss, surgically restore a bald patch, reconstruct a thinning hairline, or camouflage thinning patches as part of a very short buzz cut.

A candidate for this treatment should either be bald, in an advanced stage of hair loss, or someone who has lost anywhere from a bit of hair to a significant amount of hair, according to Iulo. You should keep your hairon men’s scalp micropigmentation very short if you wish to create the appearance of a buzzed haircut with this technique because it creates the illusion of a buzzed haircut. He advises that there are better solutions than this for a man who wants long-flowing locks because they will not grow.

men's scalp micropigmentation

Whether experiencing one bald spot or many, scalp micro pigmentation can be a good solution. Even if you have just one or more bald spots, the technique can make it appear like you have more hair underneath. You may even be able to keep it longer, depending on how much hair you have if you have more hair.

To get the best result, you should keep your sides short to blend the look if you do not have much hair up top, according to Iulo. The scalp micro pigmentation process should always begin with a consultation with a licensed professional.

Most states require tattoo licenses, and Scalp Micro USA also offers a scalp micro pigmentation certificate program that you should look for, so that’s a good thing to look for too. As part of your consultation with the artist, the artist will examine your hair, scalp, and hairline, ask questions about your expectations, and give you advice on what they believe is the best solution for you.

During the first session, you will see the artist cut your hair and take a look at your hairline and a plan of action, while the artist follows with two to three pigmentation sessions. Following the cutting, the artist will spend time mapping your hairline and ensuring the clear action plan. Iulo describes micropigmenting the entire bald area to mimic the follicles throughout.

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