February 21, 2024
student housing

Once upon a time, students used to live in the cheap and worn-down shared houses present at a college town. First year students had it even worse, by being confined to traditionally bog-standard, barrack-like dormitories that were tucked away on the edge of campus. But the scenario has changed significantly over the years, with an increasing number of students looking for comfortable and feature-packed accommodation for their college or university years.  Student accommodation is a huge business today, and there are many developers who constructed projects that promise a “boutique” or “luxury” student experience. Nelson Partners is one of the leading companies that both develops and manages premium student housing units.

Millennials and Gen Z do a lot of things differently in comparison to past generations, including the way they live while getting education. Luxury apartments and premium purpose-built-student-housing projects are a growing trend in college towns across the US. These off-campus accommodation units boast of having amenities that significantly exceeds the minimalistic dorm rooms most universities have.  A lot of these buildings feature swimming pools, fireplaces, jacuzzis, game rooms and more. In the United States, there are companies who are pouring millions into developing student housing with luxury amenities, to attract the high rent market.

Luxury student accommodation comes equipped with all the furniture, fittings and fixtures a student may need. This would save the students the time and expense of acquiring and transporting these items. These accommodations are not crammed like college dormitories, and generally have ample storage space for the clothes and other possessions. All they have to do is to pack a suitcase and arrive at the property, knowing that almost everything they would need to stay there has already being provided.

Trying to live independently in college can get quite overwhelming for some people, especially if they never had to deal with bills in their life. Choosing to live in an all-inclusive luxury student accommodation can be quite advantageous for these individuals. They would not have to deal with any paperwork associated with changing utilities to their name, getting them connected and being constantly worried about missing out the deadlines of bill payment. They just have to pay their rent and that is the end of it. Electricity, water, security and even Wi-Fi would be included in the rent. Hence, the students would know what exactly they will have to pay each month.  They simply have to work out what they need to pay for food, and spend the remaining portion of their budget in any way they want.

Luxury student accommodation developed by companies like Nelson Partners are usually located strategically near to the universities and important amenities. This basically means that one can invariably walk to their classes without any hassle, thereby saving money on travel expenses. By having amenities like cafes and restaurants close by, one would not have to waste time waiting for trains and buses.

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