February 21, 2024
Swedish Massage Therapy

Men and women do massage therapies both, so they are often referred to as masseurs in case the person is a male and masseuses if the person is a male. They use different body parts to apply pressure on the body parts, whether through fingers, hands, elbows, or feet. In the Swedish form of massage therapy, they use bare hands along with some hot or warm essential oils for more relaxing and relieving moments. The word 스웨디시 Massage therapy did not originate from Sweden but was invented and named by a Dutch physician named Johan Georg Merzer. All over the world, there are rumors that Per Henrik Ling invented the massage technique, which is a total myth.


This form of massage technique consists of five different styles for the whole therapy process. They are-

  • Effleurage-the first step in this therapy process starts with the warm-up process to get it ready for the whole kneading and pulling process to get your whole body ready for the process ahead. This includes gentle glide and circle strokes made on the stiff muscles to relieve tension with pressure applied as desired by the client.
  • Petrissage-this process applies much harder pressure on your body with a deep kneading movement. This step consumes much time as they play with your body muscles through kneading, lifting, rolling, etc. This step helps you to relax your muscles and also improves blood circulation.
  • Tapotement- the word itself refers to the rhythmic tapping method to increase blood circulation. This process includes tapping, hammering, slapping, cupping, etc., which helps to relax the tight muscles and lymphatic cells.
  • Friction- this step includes applying pressure on the massage area using thumbs and fingers through a circular or rhythmic pressure. It was mainly done on painful areas in the body to soften and relax the muscles and tissues. This step is mainly applied to various joint muscles or parts of the body.
  • Vibration-this step includes applying natural vibration to the massage using bare hands. This helps your muscles to loosen up, helping you to be more relaxed. This process includes the usage of your palms. If the message is small and delicate, the massage therapist may use fingers for this process. This process is best for soothing the nerves like the tendons, capillaries, or veins to improve blood circulation by removing knots from your body.

To conclude, the abovementioned article clearly defines the various styles or techniques that involve this whole massage.

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