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Many of you must learn that leasing a used car is another option. Leasing a used car is an attractive option for drivers who want an affordable alternative to driving a luxury sedan or truck. Thorough research is the key to finding the best deal when renting a used car.

Start by researching prices.

When researching the price, focus on the initial market value and the estimated residual value. These are key indicators of the car. These numbers are more difficult to predict with used cars in hermiston because there are no preset factory sticker prices, and residual percentages are determined by current subjective retail value. That’s why collecting multiple cost estimates and finding the median price is essential.

Comparing a used car lease to a new car lease of the same make and model is another way to estimate the cost accurately. This tactic provides an overview of the differences between new and used car rentals. Like renting a new car, renting used cars in hermiston is naturally more attractive when the residual value depreciates as little as possible. It is easier to find a lease with a high-end luxury car that retains its value.

The next step is to check the initial mileage and the car’s general condition. The used vehicle you select must be at most 12,000 miles per year. If you find a three year old with 50,000 miles on the odometer, keep shopping. There are better options for renting a used car.

used cars in hermiston

Once you’ve checked your mileage, look for signs of excessive use. Check for worn seat fabric, damaged interior trim, pedals, and a dirty engine. These can all indicate poor maintenance or a possible odometer rollback. The car may be positioned as certified, but it is good to have it thoroughly inspected by a trusted and qualified mechanic.

Gap coverage is insurance offered when renting a new car to protect the driver from loss, theft, or damage to the car. However, this coverage is not typically provided with used car rentals. Your auto insurance policy may only cover the value of your vehicle during the time of loss and not cover the amount owed for the rental. The difference can be thousands of dollars, a considerable handicap for most people.

Consider renting a used car if you’ve always wanted to drive a high-end car but need help handling the high rates. Try to arrange your own used car rental insurance for peace of mind. These arrangements can be made directly with the dealer or the auto insurance company.

Most used car rental deals do not automatically close with gap coverage. Special coverage is usually offered when renting a new car to protect the client in case of theft, loss, or damage to the rental car. Auto insurance policies only cover the car’s value at the time of loss, not what is owed under the contract. The difference can be hundreds of dollars or even thousands.


Therefore, you must only enter into used car rental agreements with gap coverage. It can be negotiated separately with the owner or the insurance company.

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