Monsoon in India has its own charm. A much welcome relief from the scorching heat of Indian summer is enjoyed by one and all. From sipping piping hot teas and fresh fried pakodas during rainy evening with friends and family, or cozying up with your favorite novel which it pours outside. Monsoon is the season to be romanticized. However there remains one aspect of our lives that suffer horribly during the onslaught of the rain bearing winds from down south. Our skin! From extreme greasiness to an avalanche of break-outs our skin has to deal with a lot.

So here are some easy to follow and super effective tips to help you maintain the healthy glowing skin all through the wet months of monsoon:

  • Infections at bay: Due to the continuous rain and humid atmosphere, one needs to be careful of various bacterial and fungal infections of the skin that are very abundant during this period. The warm moist surface of the skin can be a breeding ground for thousands of bacterial cluster. As gross as it may sound, keeping the skin cleans and well aired is essential. Using anti bacterial skin cleansers would be of great help.
  • Hydration is healthy: Water and water everywhere but your skin and body are left parched. With milder temperatures and humid atmosphere the body’s requirement of ample hydration is hardly ever met during monsoons, which could be a reason for all the skin problems.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness: One of the major roots of all skin problems is the acute lack of cleanliness. Especially during monsoons, the skin should be clean and free of all the grime and dirt and sebaceous secretions which might lead to clogged pores and consequently an outbreak of acne. One can get to know of a lot of options for mild cleansers through online beauty world tips in Hindi that are abundantly available.

  • Setting the tone: Unarguably one of the most skipped steps in skin care regimes across the world is the use of toner after cleansing the face. However the reluctance to use a toner does in no way undermine how important it is for the health of skin. For the uninitiated, a toner balances the pH level of the skin to neutral making it truly healthy and less prone to reactions.
  • Dust away the dead: Exfoliation is the key to a glowing bright skin. A skin that breathes freely is a skin that won’t have clogged pores or acne or black heads. A lot of beauty tips in Hindi emphasize on the importance of a gentle yet effective scrub to exfoliate away the dead skin cells that pile up on your skin.
  • Moisturize: Avery important part of skin care even during the humid weather of the monsoons and for the oily skinned people as well. A good moisturizer that also gives a matte yet healthy look to the skin is essential.
  • Skirt the sun: Despite the sun making rare appearance during the monsoons, it does not mean that the harmful ultraviolet rays are absent. Hence do not skip the sunscreen at any cost.

By following the easy steps above, one can very easily ensure that their skin remains fresh healthy and glowing throughout the gloomy monsoon months.

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