February 22, 2024

Restaurant design is a grateful topic for an architect. You can demonstrate a sense of style, original ideas, and at the same time, show off technical expertise in choosing the optimal utility solutions that comply with building standards and meet the wants of guests, owners, and staff of the premises.

The restaurant kitchen is similar to a laboratory of flavor. There must be impeccable order and unconditional hygiene of all surfaces. In addition, best restaurant in hong kong it must be simply beautiful, cozy, and elegant.

Type of premises, size, development options

The size of the property should be adjusted to your aspirations. For a large, spacious restaurant, it is worth choosing the right size premises. In turn, for a cozy cafe, which has three tables and modest facilities, a small space is enough. In the case of the first solution, it is worth considering that the premises should also have a lot of facilities, thanks to which cooking, maintaining cleanliness and general operation of the restaurant will be possible. In gastronomy,  the facilities are often almost as large as the room intended for guests. You don’t really need much space for small burgers or outlets where the food is to be taken away. All you have to do is make a decision, a location that meets all sanitary provisions and norms, and one where you can use intelligence relaxed while ready.

However, even the smallest bistro or cafe requires adequate space for the kitchen and toilet. What at first glance looks like a really large space for rent or purchase, after equipping with all the necessary equipment to run the premises, tables and bar can quickly “shrink” and cease to meet the expectations of the future restaurateur. Therefore, it is a good idea to agree with the designer on the appropriate layout of the premises. Perhaps he will suggest what area to look for to meet his  https://www.maximalconcepts.com/brickhouse assumptions.

The beginning of the road

Many owners of small and large gastronomy often say that running it is the proverbial “heavy piece of bread.” It is worth knowing that the discovery of the perfect place for your own business is the tip of the iceberg of difficulties that a novice restaurateur must face. On its way to gastronomic success, it will stand before creating a recognizable brand and branding, assembling a professional team, and serving tasty cuisine that attracts guests.

Stain resistance

In the restaurant’s catering services, high stain confrontation is one of the majority significant parameters that both wall and floor cladding have to meet. The results of a stain resistance test carried out for a given group of ceramic tiles should always be in use into account when choosing specific collected works.

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