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Whatever your mood, style, clothing or budget, you’ll find earrings that will make you happy as soon as you wear them. We remember earrings that we wore on first dates and on special occasions and, let’s are honest; we will always find an excuse to treat ourselves to a new pair! When it comes to wedding earrings, the stakes are a little higher, but don’t worry, every solution is can be achieved with the right kind of jewellery.

What are the most essential things while dressing up? 

Comfort—they all say you’ll wear earrings with an expression on your face, so they not only have to be beautiful but also practical. If you don’t wear long earrings often, it may be a good idea to wear earrings around the house behind closed doors for a few days to make sure you can handle them.

Coordinate—when choosing earrings, consider any other accessories you will wear or the details of your wedding dress. If your dress has embellishments, you can opt for matching earrings.

wedding dress

Create a balance—don’t forget that the whole outfit should be balanced, if you want to wear glamorous earrings, take your time to wear lots of other accessories, alternatively, if you choose subtle wedding earrings, you can wear lots of other pieces too.

Take a look at the bigger picture—Try on the earrings together with the headdress or veil to make sure that everything fits together. It is always recommended that you try on your entire outfit before the big day so you know you are completely satisfied with the entire look and also give you a good idea of how long it will take to get ready for the day.

Hair selection is important—how you wear your hair will also influence the choice of earring. Bold earrings really work with an up-do, or alternatively you can go for a pair of large earrings or drop-shaped earrings. If you have your hair down, long, bold earrings are perfect as it will keep them sparkling through the flowing braids.

If you are a pearl lover 

Stick to the colour palette—if you’re planning a traditional wedding with traditional affordable Wedding jewellery, please try to keep the traditional colours. We all know that wedding pearls are white but the selection process is so much more than just selecting a pair of white pearls. Pure white pearls go well with bright white dresses or shades of silver and platinum, while whitish pearls go well with cream dresses. It’s important to look at small details like the clasp as the metal used should complement the rest of the set, gold for cream dresses and silver, white gold or platinum for all other shades

Mirror Neckline Dress—do you have an elaborate cleavage on your wedding dress? Yes! Perfect, you have a lot of options to choose from. The key is choosing a necklace that will reflect the neckline of your dress. If you have a low, plunging neckline, you can choose a pearl necklace that consists of more than one strand or a wedding titanium ring  Or for a shallow, drooping neckline, you’ll want to stick one strand, but it’s important that the necklace doesn’t overlap the dress in any way. And if you have a V-neck on your dress, a pearl pendant will be a better option.

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