September 30, 2023

Shopping for crabs is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks to do. Are you a seafood lover? If yes, perhaps crabs are one on the list to purchase. Some seafood restaurants are also looking for a good supplier of stone crabs. What is this type of crab and why is it best to serve in a restaurant?

The stone crab meat

Stone crabs are different from the other species of crabs, such as blue crabs. The stone crab claws are oversized, which is the only part to be harvested. The stone crab meat is highly nutritive, which is considered a rare delicacy. It is usually boiled and served fresh from the shell with a tasty sauce.

The stone crab meat resembles lobster in flavor and appearance. The claws of stone crab are naturally harvested and it normally grows. Many have cultivated stone crabs because of the good money. It is not just in-demand but also gives a good harvest and is not too troublesome to cultivate.

Stone crab claws easily regenerate (3 to 4 times).

What does it taste like?

Stone crab meat tastes like a mixture of shrimp and lobster. If you are going to order claws of the stone crab, you will be eating like 2-in-one meat. Usually, the claws of stone crab are cooked like a shrimp cocktail. The shells are cracked and the meat will be served on the table as finger food.

Many people love to order this for snacks while others eat it as a viand. The meat can be paired with different kinds of sauce:

  • Mustard sauce
  • One wedge of lemon
  • Or any type of sauce you prefer

Eating stone crab meat doesn’t require a type of sauce. Instead, you will enjoy the sauce you like. There is no harm as long as you enjoy the taste. Some people order these crab claws to prepare for any occasion. Indeed, this type of seafood is a finger-licking good menu to serve.

Why buy stone crabs meat?

The stone crab meat from its claws will surprise you to taste. Here are the reasons why you must buy it:

  • Environmentally friendly harvest
  • Claws have lots of meat
  • Harvested locally
  • Great recipes

These are the reasons why many are looking for stone crabs. Instead of eating the meat from the body of the crab, claws become the most abundant part of the meat. The taste of the meat doesn’t just satisfy your taste bud but also anyone from the family who loves crab meats.

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