Direct Marketing for Building Your Business

If you are searching for effective ways to boost the conversion rates of your business website, direct marketing strategies will help you optimize your returns on investments successfully. These strategies are easy to implement and deploy for your website in any business niche.

Daniel Klibanoff on how to get started?

According to entrepreneur and direct marketing expert from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Daniel Klibanoff, every business owner should embrace direct marketing as a fundamental strategy for business growth. In order to get started, the following 10 tips will transform the lead conversions of your site drastically-

  1. Deploy website pop-ups wisely- Website pop-ups are effective in leading conversions. They should relate to your customer’s interests and not be intrusive to annoy them. However, they can become annoying if they are deployed incorrectly.
  1. Give your customer a free sample or trial- An effective way to convert a potential customer is to offer them a free sample or trial. This strategy is outstanding for gaining subscriptions and gives the customer the opportunity to try out the service before they finally commit to signing up for it.
  1. Include a call-to-action- Create a call-to-action (CTA) that is persuasive, concise, and clear. It should guide the potential customer on the desired action and why they should click the CTA button. For example, if you are selling a product, you can include a CTA button that says ‘Buy Now'” or ‘Add to Cart.’
  1. The visuals you use should be attractive- Consumers love visuals, and so when you want them to convert them from your site, ensure the visuals you use are appealing. The images should have a high resolution and ensure your CTA stands out in them.
  1. Discounts to save money- Offering attractive discounts is another way for you to boost site conversions for your site. Consumers love great deals, and a discount prompts them to take action instantly. You just have to ensure the discount you offer motivates your potential customer to go ahead and buy the product/service.
  1. Social proof converts- Social proof helps you convert faster as it is a strong marketing tool for your website. You should display product reviews, customer testimonials, and the awards you have received on your site.
  1. Create urgency- Creating urgency is an effective way for you to get consumers interested in your product/service. People should be motivated to act fast, and you can get them to do the above by offering them discounts for a limited period or mentioning the scarcity of your service or product.
  1. The conversion process should be easy- Your business website should be user-friendly and simple to navigate. The check-out process should be direct and clear. The call-to-action on your site campaigns should be concise and clear, with no barriers.
  1. Eliminate distractions- Conversion rates suffer if there are site distractions. Ensure no pop-ups, sidebars, or other elements can distract focus from the business message.
  1. Test your campaigns- Test various tactics and check the results you get. Make changes whenever needed.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, optimization of conversion rates is a continuous process, so do not be scared to experiment and test!

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